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I will be reading Lord of the flies by William Golding, and I'm going to be answering question that my followers have asked.

Our amazing island

What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers.

Will there is many dangers about being on a stranded island, but the most important is having water. If you are in an island surrounded by salt water you are going to have to find a way to get fresh water. The other thing you NEED to have is food, any type of food. Something to hydrate or to give you energy. I don't think you want to get a major sunburn, so make a tiny shelter out of leaves, sticks, and anything you can find. Just watch out for animals because there closer than what you think. This has been FUSION YACHTYTENTACION.

Lord of the Flies

This is going to be a list of the characters and there information.

  • Ralph- Fair, 12 years old, arrogant( didn't ask Piggy his name).
  • Piggy- Fat, 12, years old, smart one of the group.
  • Jack- Thin, 12 years old, leader
  • Simon- Always positive, 12 years old, helpful
  • Sam and Eric- Always together, Uni Evty
  • Roger- 12 years old, Mean VERY MEAN, dirty
The fire they started spreaded

Rules are important everywhere These I think are the most important rules that they should have on the island.


1. ALWAYS travel in a GROUP. This is very important. If an animal attacks somebody is there to help or to get help for you. 2. Don't fight with each other. We don't want people fighting, and if they did they would have to suffer.

Comparing words and things :)
  • We are gonna be talking about comparing things in the Lord of the flies
  • Meat ----------> temptation
  • Island ----------> isolation
  • Piggy---------> civilization
  • Simon--------> goodness
  • Smoke-------> rescue
  • Painted faces-------> anonymity
  • Conch-------> law and order
  • Piggy's glasses------> Survival
  • Platform-------> democracy
The beast

Its Fusion Yachtytentacion and we will be talking about the suppose of " beast" in the book Lord of the flies that i have been reading. In the book the littluns say that there is a beast that haunts the island and that it has big teeth and claws and it scares them. Only a few of the biguns have seen it. In my honest opinion the monster is real but hey that's me.

Breaking the rules

In the book Lord of the flies they almost got saved but lost the chance because the fire was out. So they kinda don't care about rules anymore. I wouldn't. Simon has broken two rules don't travel alone(chapter 3 page 57) and dont go out at night. I think those are the main rules because that is your safety if Simon would have gotten attacked he would have died, but if he would have went with somebody they could at least helped him out.

  • Many things are said at wedding but i am gonna be focusing on the most common things said at weddings, like "i do" and many other phrases
  • " I do"- Jack should have excepted that Ralph was the tribe leader.
  • " Be for ever together"- since they Jack broke the the group and took a lot of biguns.
  • "Please say your vowels"- they could have talked about there problems instead of just leaving the group.
Jack and Ralph

So guys i'm gonna pick Jack for this blog entree. So Ralph and Jack have both seen the beast, but Jack had the biggest effect on his emotions. Jack saw the beast and when he saw that beast his personality change completely. Once they got tp the platform he was acting up he wanted to change the tribe. He got violent and left by himself at least that's what he thought he brought a lot of biguns with him and he started his own tribe. They were savages.

Simon's murder

This a sad day in the book. Simon died. So he was up on mountain and he saw the "beast" which was the guy on the parachute. He was gonna report back to camp that there was no beast that it was a guy that died. But he didn't know that the tribe separated. So he went down to the camp were Jack and his tribe was and some kid thought he was a beast and when he tried to tell them about the guy they started to attack him and they killed him. They didn't even let him talk i'm pretty sure they wanted to kill him. HE KNEW TOO MUCH.

Which is better?

So lots of people have been asking " Which is better" rules and agree or hunt and kill. So ima answer y'all's question I feel like rules and agree is better because why would hunt and kill. Yea i know its important to hunt and kill to eat, but with rules not be savages because you might end somebody's life. Plus in this book many people have died i dont think you want another death they have killed 3 people.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

" Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in! ( Golding 152)". This quotes show violence and danger this book is just full of dangers like the BEAST. But there are many dangers on the island. I mean Jacks tribe was trying to kill Ralph. Who does that. They have killed Simon, kid with the mulberry birthmark, and poor Piggy. They were all killed tragically.

Surprising its over :0

So guys it FINALLY over. I hope you guys enjoyed my blog entrees i might have skipped a couple intros, and i'm sorry. But this has been alright book i mean not one of my favorites but you know i did it for my FANS.

But to anyone who wants to read this book for the students for next year i hope you guys enjoy this book, but in my opinion i really wasn't to fond of this book i thought that this book could have been better in detail, and longer. I like reading long books. What i enjoyed about the reading the book i liked how Mrs. Lyda read it the British dude was slow. When Mrs. Lyda read it was different she added a lot of emotion to the expressions in the book, but i would always get scared when all of a sudden she just screams. But its more fun when she does that. I also liked the blog that we made. I feel like you can express yourself about the book i least that's how i used it. But that's all i have to say about the book this is the last blog entree i will make this has been FUSION YACHTYTENTACION. Thank you


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