Kobie Bunch Photo Gallery

Rule Of Thirds

In these pictures I am using the rule of thirds and that means the focal point is along the bottom third or along the the top third. It really makes you focus on the subject matter in the picture. If you edit the pictures in a way to where it especially draws focus to what you are photographing.


In these photos I used the macro setting on my camera. Macro is a setting which gives your focal point great detail and makes the photo larger than life. With the skilled editing I used it made the already detailed photos pop with vibrancy. I edited these photos by messing with the temperature, vibrancy, and saturation.

Leading lines

In these photos I used leading lines. That means the subject matter has something that makes the viewers eyes go toward the focal point. If you can edit the pictures correctly it will lead the viewers eyes to the focal point and keep them interested.


In these photos I used monochrome. These photos are in black and white and that is what monochrome means. I messed with the contrase, blacks, and whites to edit these pictures.


These photos are portraits. When taking portrait photos the focal point is usually on the face of the person you are photographing.

Still Life

In these photos I used still life. Still life photos are giving inanimate objects the qualities of animate objects. I edited the color of the trucks in the pictures to make them look more real like.

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