What it Takes Delivering Motorcycles

Sitting in the airplane looking out over the clouds and water below, thoughts cycling through my mind, I wonder what lies ahead. No matter how many times you go, no matter what you expect to happen, there’s always the unknown and the unexpected.

The purpose is clear; we go to take part in the work of Run for the Son. We go in obedience to the great commission. We know why, we sometimes even know what we will be doing, but we never know exactly what it will take to accomplish the mission at hand.

Once on the ground everyone is mission driven. There’s no more wondering what it will take, it becomes let’s do what has to be done.

Standing on the bank of the Amazon River Basin, looking down the makeshift steps leading to the cluster of boats, canoes, shanties, and people, it looks impossible. But impossible is not a limit to God so we know it’s not a limit to us. Although they may or may not know it yet, there are pastors waiting for their gifts from God and we are the means by which those gifts must arrive.

The first challenge is getting the Honda Motokar from the street to the bow of the river boat that would transport it, us, the bicycles, and a wheelchair to a large island in the Maynas Province region, about an hour down the Amazon River.

There were a few tense moments but we managed to get the Motokar loaded without damage to bike or person.

Not many people can say they actually rode a motorcycle on the Amazon River.

Passing the occasional hut and realizing the reality of where you are, you can feel the words of Christ come to life when he said “go and make disciples of all the nations.” It’s a feeling best described as the love of God manifested. It’s a time when you look inward and question what you’re willing to do, what sacrifices am I willing to make, so that whoever is in that little hut at least has the opportunity to know Jesus?

Once we arrived it became clear that the steps were actually the easy part.

“How are we going to get this motokar way up there?”

We pushed, we pulled, and we crawled our way to the top.

Yes we were tired and sweaty, but the smile on the faces of God’s precious messengers made it all worth it.

Ask anyone there that day “was it worth it?” I’m certain you’ll get the same answer from all,

"yes, no matter what it takes, it’s worth it."

CMA, doing whatever it takes!

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