What time is it?


In this WebQuest you will practice the important skill of telling time. There are fun videos and games included in this WebQuest to help you.

-Content Standard: Tell and write time to the nearest minute and measure time intervals in minutes.


As you go through this WebQuest you will practice: how to read an analog and digital clock, how to tell time to the nearest half-hour, and how to tell time to the nearest minute.


Here are 2 videos to help you review telling time:

1. This video will help you review how to tell time to the nearest half-hour.

2. This video will help you review how to tell time to the nearest minute.

Here are 3 FUN websites to help you practice telling time:

1. This game is called "What Time Is It?". You will look at the analog clock and pick the matching digital clock that has the same time on it.

2. This game is called "Telling Time Basketball". You will shoot the basketball and if you make it you will get asked to tell what time it is based on the analog clock you are shown.

3. This game is called "Time Travel". You will set the analog clock to whatever time it asks you to. Be sure to click the "check" button when you are done setting the clock to the correct time.


This is how your work will be evaluated:


I hope you improved you time telling skills! You will be a MASTER in no time!! Keep practicing every time you see a clock!

If you want more practice, check these games out!


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