Scientific Research claire kaskey, Class 5, Due Date: May 16th, Genus: CHelonia MyDas

The 8 Characteristics of Life

Grow and Develop

Definition- How big the turtles get and how change and mature over time.


Adapt to Environment

Adapt to Envoirment- surroundings and things that are passed down the "family" chain.

False Crawls are when Sea Turtles crawl onto the beach but don't dig a hole or lay eggs and go back into the water thinking they have.

NAME- Kimberly Stewart- INSTITUTION- Ross University School of Veterinarian and Medicine- CONTRIBUTIONS- Runs the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network


Reproduction- to make offspring

Source: Sea Turtles Inc. Its about interns and there first discoveries.

Using Energy

Definition- The ability to do work

Green Turtle Nests- Use energy while making nests

This is about a finding of the first biofluorescent reptile. This reptile is a Pacific Sea Turtle. It glows in the dark and for it to glow it needs to produce energy. When it glows it attracts prey. This reptile was found in June of 2015.

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