PHOTOS: Layers Unable to photograph school events, our photographers continue to take and submit photos to a local contest.

Because of distance learning, our photographers have had limited photo opportunities. As a result, we’ve decided to participate in the Journalism Education Association of Northern California’s monthly photo contest which allows students to express creativity through photos taken on their phones. The October theme is “layers.”

Above: After exploring one of the seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon, my family watches the sunset over layers of geologic history. Photo and caption by Kimi Norway

After the heat wave, the much anticipated San Francisco fog rolls in, and with it comes scarves and sweaters. My sister layers on clothing to brace against the cold before curling up on the couch with my mother. Photos and caption by Jaxi Cohen
Unsure if a regular surgical mask will decrease the chances of getting the deadly disease, my father also wears an N95 mask for an added layer of insurance. Photo and caption by Kimi Norway
Layers of clothing! My father often wears a number of shirts, especially during the colder months. I captured these pictures as he picked between a number of similarly colored shirts and leather jackets for his evening walk. Photos and caption by Marlena Rohde
After my great grandmother died, my mom found a set of old rings that she had collected. This is a showcase of all the silver and black rings my mom has. Some of them are from family and some are ones she’s bought while traveling. Photo and caption by Bella Deloa
After visiting Arizona this month, I finally knew what my photos would be about — the state’s beautiful multicolored and multilayered rocks. We walked around national parks and drove down beautiful windy roads trying to capture the intense colors in the rocks that lie all over Flagstaff and Sedona. Every mountain we passed had beautifully layered rocks starting at the top with a yellowish color and moving down into deep oranges and reds. Photos and caption by Cliodhna Woods
These two pictures show two examples of layers. The first is a giant pyramid rainbow crayon, which my stepfather gave to me when he first moved into our house. The second is the layers of fog, which can be seen in the background of the photos. The photos were taken during a car ride with my mother in Golden Gate Park. Photo and caption by Hayden Cheung