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Brechen Caruso Asks "why are nukes bad?" To Delegate At MUN Conference In Topeka, KS On Tuesday, FEB. 28

Brechen Caruso- On Tuesday, Doug inglas claus was at the Topeka Model UN conference, listening to a delegate give her speech. After she was done, the president called for questions and Brechen was one of the delegates called up. As he approached the stand, he forgot his question and let the other delegates in front of him, as they had came prepared and written their questions down. when it was finally time for him to ask his question, he had asked: "why are nukes bad?". it was at this moment when he realized he had just asked the dumbest question in the entire world.

In a interview soon after, he recalled that he had remembered the general idea of what he wanted to say, but couldn't think of the specifics at the time. he stated that after he said it, the delegate said "that they are bad because they can kill large amounts of people, and that's why we need to get rid of them". After getting this answer, Doug went to sit down, a little embarrassed as he knew asking a question like that would only make him reflect badly in front of the other delegates. After this, he made sure that he had thoroughly thought out what he wanted to say before going up to the stand, as proven by "i will not mess up again, and i promise not to mess up again because it was a mistake". Minutes after, he walked up to the podium and asked "if nukes hurt people, then should we keep them to make sure people don't get hurt". he quickly sat down.

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MUN conference in Topeka, Brechen is at the back right with the terrible hair


One health intelligence

Anthony Caruso, a professor at UMKC is creating something huge that will most likely change the face of healthcare. In a interview that took place Monday night, he was asked why he wanted to do a project like this in the first place and he replied, "I wanted to try to find a project that was cross cutting, something that all divisions of UMKC could work on". he also said that it was to change the foundation of health care, which would later lead to a improved quality of health. when asked about where he wanted to start the project and what it was about in general, he stated that "we will do this by first demonstrating it in the Kansas city corridor”, and then quickly followed up with "It helps by collecting and correlating all health related information for an individual". He also added that he did it because it would decrease the cost of overall health care for everyone, which would make it a little more meaningful than a standard physics project that he was normally assigned to. then, he was asked to elaborate on what he had said before " the information types include everything you take into your body, environmental factors based on geologic position and your personal health", and then said " Personal health means quality of sleep, genetics, family history, stress, time of year, exercise and individual tests such as lipid panel(testing your cholesterol)”. he finished with saying that he hopes to continue with this project and is getting many sponsors from colleges everyday.

the man, the myth, Anthony Caruso

Cartoon: Crossword Puzzle





Since 9/11, the hate of Muslims has increased, and in the last 2/3 years, it has been the highest ever. what people don't realize is that the problem is coming from the middle east. I am not saying that all people from the middle east are radicals, but the majority of them come from those countries. ever since did the ban on middle eastern countries, a lot of people have been talking about how the Muslim ban is destroying our country because The united states were built on immigration. on the other hand, he did it to make the country's way they monitor people who are coming into the country better so the threat of a terrorist or anything like that will be deterred from happening. even more, there are more crimes that are happening against people who from middle eastern and who may look like something from them. On february 23 in Olathe, a man thought that 2 people were middle eastern and shot them, with another person also getting shot because he had tried to break up the fight. in the end, the two men who he believed to be from middle eastern countries turned out to be from India, and were most likely Hindu, as that's the main religion in India. things like this are happening all the time around the country, and it needs to be stopped. things like the example above of crimes against supposed Muslims have been on a rise since 2010 when they were starting to wind down. most would say that the Muslims are bad people because that group is where the majority of terrorists come from, but this is untrue. in the 90's, a white Christian male killed 200 people with a bomb. altogether, the topics that have been discussed above need to be stopped because they are untrue and hateful


Eat flakes, they are only $46 dollars a box, and therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre Awesome

they can be found at retailers near you

the may cause severe weight gain in many individuals

there is nothing wrong with them at all


Battlefield 1, The New Face of FPS Gaming

Battlefield 1 is the new face of fps gaming, bringing you all the way back to the years of 1914-1918. New features include a system where the bountiful amount of weapons at your disposable have many variations that allow a better scope, bipod, and faster firing. these are all useful in different situations and play styles, which gives many players the chance to experiment and discover what they like best. another great part of the game is the diverse environments you are put through and have to battle through. there is a desert, forest and many other biomes to explore. Diverse Vehicles have been a large part of the battlefield series for a long time and Battlefield 1's vehicles are no exception. there are planes, tanks and smaller personal vehicles that allow players to traverse the vast maps of the game. for the tanks, there are heavier ones for leading a frontal assault, and smaller ones for supporting roles and smaller attacks. as far as the plane go, there is a bomber which allows you to unleash a different variety of bombs that range from heavy ones to take out tanks and smaller ones for anti-personal. there is a fighter that is relatively fast to take out bombers and do small attacks against infantry on the ground. even more, there is an assault plane which is a mix between the two, allowing quick maneuvers while also have bombs and a defensive weapon. Although it may cost a large amount, the diverse weapons, maps, and overall gameplay make it one of the best games of the century.

the new face of gaming comes with excellent graphics


Biggest Blunders Of 2016

there are many bad things that happened in 2016, but on the more comedic side, you have the sport blunders, which were plentiful in such a eventful year. for example, many said that the half time show by Beyonce during super bowl 50 was more eventful than the 24-10 broncos and panthers game itself. Another is that the mets were in high expectation to win the playoffs, but there starting rotation was cut off by 3/5 because of injuries incurred by the team. nobody liked boxing this year as there were only 3 events, all of which were aired on HBO, that took place. when hue jackson became head coach of the Cleveland browns, they didn't win a single game in the entire season which is one of the worst they have ever had. tiger woods, who used to be one of the best players ever, now ranks 650th in the world rankings because he missed 11 months of the 2016 season for a back injury. head coach Bob Huggins is said to embarrass many his team as he drinks a lot and wear his pajamas to all of the football games. every single one of these mess ups added up to a eventful and comedic year in sports.

he tried, but no, he didn't

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