Document Cloud @ Summit 2017 We rocked it!

Summit 2017 is officially in the books! The Document Cloud team did a great job of integrating our message thought multiple programs at the event. As a reminder, our goal was to showcase Document Cloud as an integral part of Adobe's strategy to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journey and deliver exceptional experiences.


Leveraging the theme, Accelerate marketing execution with Adobe Document Cloud the team centered our participation in the Document Cloud area that was part of the larger Adobe booth in the Community Pavilion. Drawing customers in with Signature & Handwriting Experts, customers could choose to do a 10 minute analysis of their signature, or to find out what their signature font revealed about them by creating a word-cloud. These provided us a captive audience to drive awareness of Adobe Document Cloud through click-through demos featuring Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign plus our integration with AEM Forms.

The team also staffed the Document Cloud area of the Adobe Experts Table, where the majority of the questions were around AEM Forms and Adobe Sign. This made the Mortgage Demo a successful key asset with resonated across verticals, as many customers know the awful experience using wet signatures, which in turn emphasized Adobe Sign and AEM forms as key value to the business.

Interested in learning what your font choice says about you? You can try the same experience Summit attendees did using the button below.

In addition to our presence at the Adobe Booth, we also partnered with the regional marketing team to host 67 customers during a breakfast an lunch event. Featuring Cynthia Stoddard, Mike Dillon, and Dan Puterbaugh customers were treated to some time away form PowerPoint and get to know our top experts in Digital Transformation and Adobe Sign. Many customers heading to the booth following lunch to see Adobe Sign in action.

Other programs included: Twitter videos featuring Lisa Croft & Dan Puterbaugh, social activation of the Signature Font word-cloud, integration of Adobe Sign into 2 AEM session, and a Document Cloud session on Thursday afternoon.


  • 67 Executives Engaged at Breakfast and Lunch event
  • 416 Badges Scanned at Document Cloud booth (20% of total Adobe booth scans)
  • 1,161 Signature Font word-clouds generated
  • 154 Signature analysis sessions
  • 1000+ views of Lisa & Dan interview on Daniel Newman's twitter feed
  • Endless Acrobat DC, Adobe Sign + AEM Demos


Driving awareness of Document Cloud is still priority #1 with this audience. Leveraging Acrobat DC as the start of the conversation, and leading customers to learn about Adobe Sign and our Document Cloud partner integrations (including Marketing Cloud) was the right approach. Customers were excited about Acrobat, then were blown away when they learned the full power of Document Cloud and all-digital workflows.

Experience Cloud announcement drove new interest in the integration of Adobe Sign and Marketing Cloud. Many customers assumed the integration was brand new as it was highlighted with the brand change of Experience Cloud. Field teams are continuing this wave of interest during their lead follow up

The breakout session had low attendance; however, only 50% drop off for initial registration. Learning is to get on the agenda earlier and drive registration through more channels: social, sales nurture emails, and enterprise field marketing.

Document Cloud @ Summit 2017


To support the regional teams as they execute Summit and Symposia in their local regions, the team is packaging up all assets used into a "Summit Kit". This kit will include the demos, messaging, word-cloud generator, and session content. We will also publish a series of four blog-posts in Q2 that will continue to message our theme Accelerate marketing execution with Adobe Document Cloud.


Document Cloud @ Summit couldn't have been possible without a rock-start team. Thank you to Russell Brady, Lisa Croft, Lori DeFurio, Christy Hubbard, Michael Point, Dana McAlexander, Beth Bourg, Bill Taylor, Ben Vanderberg, Annie Radsliff, Shruti Goradia, Joanne Ho Huesler, Sharon Nabhan, and Dan Puterbaugh. Your contributions, both big and small made this event amazing! From your fearless leader - Deanna Adams

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