Okapi Emily and gabriela

Births: As more okapi are born, the population will increase. This is especially the case if there is a simultaneous decrease in predation or other causes of death. Female okapi give birth to one okapi at a time after a period of 14 months.

Deaths: If the number of deaths in the okapi population increases, the population will decline as a result. Something that could potentially cause an increase in okapi deaths is an incline in the population of a predatory species.

Immigration: As more okapi may move to a given area because of plentiful resources, the population will suddenly increase before decreasing due to depletion of resources (reaching carrying capacity).

Emigration: As resources become scarce in a region, individuals will leave in search of adequate food and water. This will result in a population decrease.


  1. If the area becomes too populated with other species that rely on the same resources, the increased amount of competition may hinder the availability of these resources to okapi.
  2. If a disease were to spread, it could lead to many okapi deaths; this would decrease the population.


  1. Deforestation by the humans may lead to a dramatic plunge in the amount of land available; therefore, the okapi population would also plunge.
  2. A wide-spread drought would wipe out resource that okapi depend on; this would hinder the population.

The population would increase when the increase in vegetation due to the fact that okapi are herbivores. The population would level off once it hits the carrying capacity, because the environment can no longer sustain the overwhelming increase of the okapi population.


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