fortune cookies romantic comedy feature film screenplay (currently seeking production partners)

Logline: When an Asian woman tries to save her failing Asian restaurant she discovers her fortune cookies can tell the future and gets caught between a vicious landlord chasing her out, the man she’s fallen for and the overzealous customers obsessed with their fortune cookie fates. The Fortune Cookies script placed in the semi-finals of the Lifetime Network Screenplay Competition sponsored by the Bentonville Film Festival . (completed script available upon request)


Crisalyn Flores, 30ish, goes through the chaos of her running her cute Asian fusion restaurant in a run down corner of town. She's a hard working woman who wants to date but her workaholic tendencies won't let her.

Vishay, the landlord, shows the restaurant to prospective buyers including a good looking guy named Sky. Vishay condescends to Cris telling her she's late on rent again and can't make the tough decisions to be successful in business. Vishay is itching to kick her out. On top of that Cris' wisecracking immigrant Asian Mom tells Cris her biological clock is ticking and needs to get busy. Cris is awash in an early life crisis when she eats a fortune cookie who's fortune portends something bad will happen.

At that moment Cris accidentally spills food on Sky and the sparks fly. When Sky forgets his business card holder at the restaurant Cris goes to his office to return it. But clumsily she spills something on him again. She takes him to the store to buy him a new shirt and quivers when he takes his shirt off to reveal ribbed abs.

The next day Cris eats another fortune that fortells a time deadline. Soon after, Vishay finds a loophole in the lease that says Cris has 30 days to pay back rent or else she's getting evicted. Cris sees her fortunes and figures out that they're adding up. She eats another cookie that tells her she needs to offer the world something unusual. She comes up with a gimmick by making bugs into trendy designer food. The bug dishes are a hit.

Cris and Sky go on a date at a zipline park. Trouble is, Sky is afraid of heights. Together they overcome his fear and he flies through the sky. In a twist of fate, they do a dual zipline ride and get stuck on the zipline high in the air together. In that fateful moment they kiss, suspended a hundred over a chasm.

Cris and her friend decide to find out what's happening with the fortunes and get more cookies. Unfortunately they come from a mysterious building that doesn't have a way in. They return to find out that the bug shipments will be stopped due to lack of bugs from a cold wave. Cris is running out of time to raise the back rent. She reads a fortune and comes up with a crazy promo idea for the restaurant: Tell everyone that her fortunes can tell the future.

The crazy promo works. People come by the restaurant to talk about good fortunes, business opportunities, love lives or how to solve problems. Sky witnesses the growth.

They're still short on the money and running out of fortune cookies so she raises prices on the fortunes. Some people pay big money for fortunes and others complain that the same people are buying up the fortunes. She has to cut back on supplies and pay to make rent. Workers start to complain they're owed money. She has a crisis at work and not sure what to do. She eats a fortune and it says to leave her worries behind and throw caution to the wind. She interprets that to leave work to be with Sky and do something strange.

Her strange actions piss off Sky. She explains how the fortunes tell her future and to blame them. He thinks she's crazy to follow the fortunes; to go against her instincts and follow something she doesn't even know is right. She says that he taught her to believe in energy and follow that. He says energy isn't enough. You need to combine it with thoughtfulness, intelligence and common sense and she's lost all of that in the fervor of the fortunes. He gets pissed off and leaves.

Cris gets back to see she's neglected the business. People have quit. Supplies are low. When Cris tries to make amends with Sky she sees Vishay trying to seduce Sky.

People come back to the restaurant and complain their fortunes aren't what they wanted. Others come back and want better ones. The desire for their futures reaches a fever pitch and then a riot where everyone steals the remaining fortune cookies.

Vishay and Sky come by with investors to survey the damage. Vishay says the repair costs wipe out any back rent she could pay. Cris discovers that Sky is going to buy the building and get to rid of her restaurant. He tries to explain but she won't hear it. She storms out.

She's in her restaurant in shambles. She's run out of fortunes and her man is gone. She finds one fortune cookie and considers opening it to help her figure out what to do. She doesn't.

She goes to the fortune cookie plant but it's closed down and boarded up. She decides to go to Sky's big business meeting with investors to make a final impassioned pitch to Sky and his investors to keep her restaurant open and by extension, keep the last remnants of the run down neighborhood alive. She walks into the room to see Sky, Vishay, and room full of rich suits that hold the fate of her restaurant in their hands. She takes a deep breath and takes her fortune into her own hands... (completed script available upon request)

The Sweetheart


CRISALYN is a focused career woman. But when it comes to love she believes in destiny. This presents a problem when she has to choose between leaving it to fate or risking everything to make her own destiny.

Clockwise from top left: Constance Wu (Fresh Off The Boat), Fan BingBing (L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties), Jaimie Chung (Gotham), Ziyi Zhang (The Wasted Times), Maggie Q (Allegiant)
The Hunk


SKY is a self-made career man who desires Crisalyn but only if she's willing to get out of her own way to finally become the woman she wants to be.

Clockwise from top left: John Cho (Star Trek Beyond), Bradley Cooper (War Dogs), Tony Lau (The Great Wall), Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-O), Channing Tatum (22 Jump Street)
A Romantic Comeback

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ABOUT TIME: $13M budget/$87M gross

IN A WORLD: under $1M budget/$3M gross

The Filmmaker


Walter Boholst will be the writer, director and producer of FORTUNE COOKIES. Walter is an experienced creative who wrote/directed/co-produced the horror feature film "Voodoo Possession" with Danny Trejo that was distributed in the US by RLJ Entertainment and is available worldwide including territories in Europe, all of the Middle East and all of Latin America.

Before his recent genre hits, Walter cut his teeth doing comedy Youtube videos and even filmed a raunchy comedy feature film called "Thrust." Walter specializes in raunchy humor with a heart ala "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and has a mission to include, celebrate, and make fun of, all races, creeds, sexual orientations; especially people with no sense of humor.

The no budget "Thrust," shot on $5,000 and prayer, is about 3 filmmaker friends who try to save their TV show about the pimped out import car scene made popular in shows such as 'Pimp My Ride'. They race to sell the show before their investor pulls the plug and before they turn on each in the wacky world of Hollywood. "Thrust" had a successful film festival run across the nation.

More comedy from Team Thrust in the spirit of SNL and Dave Chappelle:

Check out more wacky comedy videos by Walter and Team Thrust at their Youtube Channel: The Power of Thrust

Walter is also an entertainment attorney of almost 20 years with a specialization in film/TV distribution and foreign sales. His business consulting clients and employers have included Image/RLJ Entertainment (distributor), Dean Devlin's Electric Entertainment (production, distribution, foreign sales) and XYZ Films (foreign sales). His previous industry stints include Assistant Story Editor for MGM Pictures, as a reader for John Davis' Davis Entertainment (Predator, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) and in foreign sales at Initial Entertainment Group founded by Graham King (The Aviator, The Departed)

See Walter's director reels, trailers and background by clicking here.


Contact: Walter Boholst - gowalterb@gmail.com

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