The Official GAzette Issue no. 1: Basic?

Going the extra mile for KFD

The Katipunan Fund Drive, commonly referred to as the KFD, is a tradition the Ateneo High School has been doing for a long time, and the proceeds of the KFD go to Katipunan Scholars. There are a wide variety of KFD types over the years. There are the ones seen every year, like the Food Stalls, Concerts and such. These types of events have been successful over the years, so this could be why there’s always a food stall and concert or two every year. Majority of the KFD events for grade 11 come from GA classes with 2 out of 4 being from GA, showing the heart GA students have in coming together for their fellow countrymen.

GA: Strength in diversity

GA Field Trip: A learning experience outside the classroom

Like all the other strands, GA also has a school sanctioned Field Trip, and like the other strands, they went to a different set of locations for this. 4:00 Friday, December 9, 2016, it was dark, everyone was waiting in the cafeteria, waiting for the time to enter the buses and start the field trip they have been waiting for. Field trips were always a highlight, due to the fact that it was always a different place, places which most of the students have not been to yet. According to some students, Grade 8’s Field Trip was one of the best, because the place they went to was Enchanted Kingdom, for the entire day. However, due to the nature of Grade 11, the locations for the Field Trip this year had to be different for each strand. The locations that GA went to were the Shrine of Divine Mercy and Salikeneta Farm. As per usual, the bus has to stop over at a gas station, for those who need to take a leak at the restroom. This is also the best time to stretch after a long time being in the cramped bus. After another ride in the bus, the students have reached the National Shrine of Divine Mercy, a large church at Marilou, Bulacan that is a hotspot for the faithful in the Philippines, especially those who live near it. The back of the church boasts many things, like life-sized stations of the Cross, a grotto dedicated to Jesus’ resurrection, an entire museum built about Pope John Paul II, the church where St. Faustina Kowalska had a vision of the Divine Mercy, and the prison cell where St. Maximillian Kolbe had been martyred. There was also a gift shop for those who are interested in buying such things as healing water and the like. After a tour around this, and a talk within the actual church, GA then headed out to their next destination, Salikneta Farm, a farm that houses DSLU’s AgriVet Sciences Institute. Once getting out of the Buses, GA had been separated into groups that went to different areas of the farm to do different things like fishing, planting, herding a carabao, milking cows, among others, and after a few minutes had to rotate with the other groups. There was even a store there, selling various products like milk and the like. After a few hours there, it was time to head home, and GA had got back to Ateneo at a reasonably early time.

Breaking boundaries: breaking the stereotype

The life of an Atenean is one of pressured filled days, trying to meet deadlines and reviewing for quizzes during the 5 minute breaks; whether you are in GA, STEM, HUMSS, or ABM, you live the life of an Atenean. The Ateneo has put effort into accommodating every student and modifying their system so that students with similar interests and aspirations land in the same sections. The fact that Ateneo is going through a change must be taken under consideration, there will be rough patches, that’s what happens when a radical change such as Ateneo going co-ed is implemented.

As a student, the amount of opportunities presented to you stay the same, whether you were enrolled into the GA, HUMSS, STEM or ABM strand. Life in GA is like that of a Grade 11 student in the Ateneo. The General Academic Strand was created as a strand for students that are still trying to find themselves, it allows students to grow within the Ateneo community before having to pick a more specific field of study. While the subjects may be slightly easier, especially compared to the STEM strand, it should not be a point of discrimination as not everyone will have a clear idea of what they want to do later on in life during their High School years.

Overall, Life in GA is just a stereotype, we all live the life of an Atenean. The strand system will allow our school to prosper and create new avenues for students to explore and build on in the future. Students in Ateneo live the life of an Atenean, where in grade 8 or in grade 11, whether in GA or ABM.



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