The University Of Maryland

I choose the University Of Maryland because my mom went there, they also have a really good skating program. I would consider it because it is out of state, it has good skating, and it is a big school

10 factors

1- skating programs 2- dorm rooms 3- parking 4- out of state 5- it is located in a suburban enviorment 6- small classes 7- good looking campus 8- good atmosphere 9- diverse student population 10- diverse food options

It spunds intresting because it has skating and a good campus life

The University Of Maryland is 6 hours and 48min away and 413 miles

There are 27,443 students. Class size 38.9% of classes have less then 20 students. 48.9% of classes have 20-49 students and 12.2% of classes have over 50 students. 55% of students are males and 45% are female. Average score on the sat 1965. Average gpa is a 4.11

The university of Maryland is known for business, journalism, politics, criminology, and engineering

It has a good selection of courses too chose from and i have no clue what i want to major in.

What does it take to get in. An SAT score of 1965, A GPA of 4.11. The admission rate is a 47%. You also need letters of recommendation and an essay explaiming why your intrested

Cambridge hall, denton hall, and off campus housing

Tuition + fees in-state $10,182 out of state $32,045 not including room and bored

The fall meal plans are $2,627 for the premium and $2,287 for the basic

This includes 3 meals plus a snack

There are 39 fraternities and 22 sororities at the university of Maryland.

The university of Maryland has a large preforming arts center but only has 8 ensembles that students can particapate in wich is quite low on average compaired to other schools

The student perspective for top activitys is partying to their hearts content. Going to resturants and bars. attending sporting events like football and basketball games are a big part of the student experience and also hanging out with friends.

Fun facts- co- founder of google sergey brin attended the university of Maryland. 3 time olympic gymnast dominique daws attended. Jim henson founder of the mupits also attended

What stood out to me about the university of Maryland was the skating program, not many colleges offer skating. The university of Maryland is not reasonable to me because it has such a high gpa. I would not concider going because of the requirements and the music program is not great. I would recomend it to people who have high gpas ans want to do lota of activitys throughout their college experience

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