Supporting Student Artists Zamorano fine arts academy

🌟Zamorano is a very large, diverse, Title 1 elementary school in San Diego that has maintained an arts focus through thick and thin over many years because our school community, administration, parents, and teachers understand the power and importance of art education in the lives of our children. We receive zero additional funding from our district and/or state to fund it. The financial support comes completely from the continual hard work and fundraising of our school community and especially our Zamorano Educational Foundation. Due to Covid, we were unable to hold our biggest annual fundraiser, our jogathon, this past spring.

🌟The aim of this fundraiser is to relieve some of the financial burden on this foundation for the fall, so that we may equitably distribute supplies to all our students, so they may continue to grow and thrive as artists and as well rounded children while we embark on another round of online learning🌟

More student work can be seen on Instagram- @shinebritezamorano

🌟🌟🌟So, would you like to help support our 1000 students? Please consider ordering watercolors, markers(goal met!) scissors, erasers, or crayons (goal met!) for them through Target’s website. 🌟As thanks, I’ll send a custom button your way for every $10 you spend to support our student artists- up to $40. Or, for every $50 you can receive a unique gelli print signed by the artist (me). If you’re willing, please email me (dmasse71@gmail.com) for our shipping address for the supplies.

🌟🌟🌟You can also send a donation to me thru Venmo (@Don-Masse) and I’ll do the ordering - just make sure to add your address to the transfer, so I may mail your donation rewards. Shine Brite!🌟