Juan Ponce De León By: Montana b

-Juan Ponce De León was born in 1460 and it was unknown where he was born

- Juan worked as a solider before he became an explorer

- In 1512 Juan wanted to explore to find new land and maybe start a life in the land that he claimed

-Juan was sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isibella of Spain

-Juan took these routes in search of new land and places to go , once he was in search of the fountain of youth and did not find it

-Finally he found an island named Bimini and wanted to make it civilized

One of Juan Ponce De León's impacts of exploration was... On April 2nd 1513 Juan reached the coast of Florida in search of land. He found land to claim and it was ,Florida ,he had discovered Florida. This was a very big impact on his life. In 1521 he returned to Florida and started a settlement, he brought 200 men horses,cattle, and seeds and plants. Then the American Indians attacked some arrows reached Juan and soon he died.

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