Battling Dumpsites in Poor Neighborhoods

"WHAT do urban parks and illegal dumping have to do with environmental justice? Plenty, according to those involved with the environmental equity program of the State Department of Environmental Protection, which announced its policy in 1993: ''No segment of the population should bear a disproportionate share of the risks or consequences of environmental pollution or be denied access to environmental benefits, such as parks and forests, fishing and outdoor recreation.'' To address the issues, the department proposed several ways to promote environmental health as well as to stimulate economic development in urban areas. To carry out the program, the department's air, waste and water management bureaus prepared plans. The department also created regional environmental justice community advisory boards in Hartford and New Haven that meet monthly and provide environmental activists, neighborhood residents and representatives of municipal departments an opportunity to hash out problems and discuss solutions."

This lead is a creative lead because the beginning sentence asks a question and then the rest of the lead answers the question with who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Poor people get left with other peoples trash everyday in lower income neighborhoods, in and around there homes.

I wrote a summery lead

Who: poor people

What: dumpsiste near resedential areas

When: everyday

Where: in lower income areas

How: people leave trash in low income neighborhoods

"Ms. Pestana described the situation as a good example of the tightrope walked between state bureaucracy and the communities most affected by pollution. ''It's all about trust.''

To make a better enviroment everyone needs to help cleanup just a little. A little help makes a big diference

By Clayton Alix


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