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Brooklyn's Own


The song Brooklyn’s Own sung and written by Joey Bada$$. My concept to the lyrics “lack of reverence for this sacred land we stand on” from the song was to hopefully create a photo of a open field from an high angle shot. Connecting to the lyric “lack of reverence” I wanted to add garbage and also add flames to make the lyric become realistic to the photo. I wanted to add flames to the field as many wars on lands across the Earth bring things such as destruction and also garbage as human waste is slowly destroying the environment all linking to the lyric “reverence” which means respect. Adding thing such as that relates to what is said. Due to time consumption I was not able to see fit to my idea of the photo. By using the quick selection tool I was able to draw the outline of my body and delete the exterior of it leaving just me standing. I then added myself into the background of the field. One of my massive hurdles to this was that the photo was taken on a high angle and I was looking for a background similar to that. Being unable to find a open valley taken on a high angle shot it made me seem a bit out of place. I zoomed my self out and also made myself a bit transparent by going on the layer that was my body and minimizing myself from 100 to 90.Doing this made me be a little bit faded and look quite ghostly. As the land is being slowly destroyed and disappearing so am I. Finally I Used the eraser tool to get rid on my feet to make it seem like its blended into the grass. I am not fully satisfied with the way the photo turned out. I hoped I could of retaken the photo of myself to a eye level shot or maybe take a bit more time finding a suitable photo for the background. I can conclude that, after using tools such as the Quick selection tool, eraser tool and transparent my layer in the end not accomplishing what I imagine for the photo made it not a complete success.

"praying god im still alive"

My second line of lyrics were “Praying god I'm still alive.” My concept for this line was to make myself be placed in a olden dark church as this song is based on the rough areas of Brooklyn so making myself in a olden rough looking church puts myself in the area this song is based on. The photo taken of me it is me praying and thanking god that “I’m still alive” as Brooklyn not being the safest city as it is filled with gangs and police brutality. To start off I did the same thing as I did with the first photo, clicking the quick selection tool I drawn the outline myself and then adding myself to another layer. Then I added myself to the background of the church. I saw that the quick selection tool missed a few things so I followed it with the eraser tool, cleaning the edges of my body. Also I had to erase the photo of where my arms were so that you could see the background of the wall. The background also required the cropping tool as there were weird banners on the windows so I decided cropping them out would make the photo better to look at. I erased a bit of my foot as well like the first phot just to make it contrast and blend in better with the red carpet as I also shaded around my feet and underneath me to make it seem like I have a shadow. After that I used the text tool and typed the lyrics using a fancy not bold font in the top of the wall and faded the words so it wasn’t so dark. There was not so many hurdles in making this however my concept was not fulfilled as I wanted a very old and dark church but having the same angle and position as the photo I used. Therefore, I conclude that this photo not fully achieving the aspects I want I am satisfied with the result.



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