Sub-Saharan Africa Luke CRANFILl and Deborah Murphy

Land Use

These people are Substantial Farming. For them and their Family.

Overall the main way people use the land in Sub Africa is Subsistence Farming. For their self and their families. They live in a desert so it is hard to get the minerals. They don’t sell enough to make any income off of it. The smugglers and rebels groups take over the deposits by force. Because they sell all the minerals then waste the money all on weapons. Smugglers and rebel groups keep it by force. They bribe the government with Minerals. So the government doesn't get involved.

Natural Resources

Africa is the fifth major country for their gold.

Nearly halves of the world gold is found in Africa. Cori O'Donnell states in his website article that, "South Africa takes the number one spot. According to The Telegraph, South Africa has more than $2.5 trillion in mineral reserves. The country is the world’s biggest producer of platinum, and leading producer of gold, diamonds, base metals and coal. The Chamber of Mines of South Africa estimates that from July 2011 to September 2011 there was 1,188,269 ounces of gold and gold uranium produced. There has also been a plentiful supply of coal in the country. 32 billion tons of coal reserves" But why do they have a low GDP? Luke states, "Armed Rebel groups force Africa deposits so they can buy weapons, and bribe the government to keep them out."Southern has Iron ore, and West has uranium. Gold and Diamonds.

Democratic Republic of congo

This is the armed rebel group known as, smugglers.

Tin,Tantalum,Tungsten Tantalum, are used in stores to make phones. And make any electronic. Because they sell all the minerals then waste the money all on weapons. Smugglers and rebel groups. They keep it by force. They bribe the government with Minerals.

GDP Per Capita

Luke made it.

1. Mauritius-$12,800,55.4312662,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x217c504df94474c9:0x4203d9c2116bd031!8m2!3d-20.348404!4d57.552152

11. South Africa-$11,100,15.6552355,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1c34a689d9ee1251:0xe85d630c1fa4e8a0!8m2!3d-30.559482!4d22.937506

111. Botswana- $9,220,20.1915678,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1ea44321d1452211:0xf1647c2a8715af7b!8m2!3d-22.328474!4d24.684866

1v. Seychelles- $7,800,55.6183736,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x225c21fd70bead3b:0x32d3d0a0d349daf7!8m2!3d-4.679574!4d55.491977

v. Namibia- $7,300,9.4716808,5z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1bf53c7e6ed37521:0xd3b9e5a5a8ecb261!8m2!3d-22.95764!4d18.49041

Life Expectancy

16 countries have a GDP Per Capita below 1,000. The main reason for this is HIV/AIDS.

Some reasons that Mauritius has one of the highest GDP is because it is so small that there aren't that many people there that they don't have to split up their income deposits. And the ones lower have more people that they split their income deposits. And some countries smugglers, arm rebel group, take all their income and bribe the Government. Countries with higher GDP have more luxuries items.

Ghana is is Western Africa, between Togo and Còte d'Ivoire

This website states:

This is the city of Ghana.

"#10 spot is Obuasi, owned by major gold producer Anglogold Ashanti. It is primarily a high-grade underground mine with periodic open-pit operations during its long history. It is located in the Ashanti region of southwest Ghana in western Africa; a prolific gold producing region for centuries. The underground operation extends to a depth of 1,500 meters or 4,900 feet (almost a mile). Mining began at Obuasi more than 110 years ago, in 1897 when it was originally known as the Ashanti Mine."

The 3 kingdoms in Africa

Powerful Trading Empires

The three kingdoms of Africa are The kingdom of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. There was a large trade route called the Trans-Sahara trade network. The north traded with salt and the west traded with gold. Salt was a very valuable resource. Ghana got rich and powerful from trading a bunch of gold. Mali got rich from having trade markets. Songhai traded salt which got them powerful. Mali conquered Ghana and Mali took over the salt and gold trade. Ghana started in 800 CE and Songhai last until 1600 CE. (800 CE-1600 CE)

King Mansa Musa and Timbukt

The Greatest leader in Mali was Mansa Musa and had 400 billion dollars worth of gold. He brought back muslim artifacts to make architects and buildings. He also brought scholars and he gave away so much gold that the price of gold inflated. Timbuktu was the center of Islamic learning.

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta is a traveler who set off on his journey when he was 21. He set off from Tangier. On his travels, a plague outbreak was happening. The plague was called black death. His mother died from this plague. The reason the black plague spread was because of the silk road trade. He finally settled down in Fez, Morocco. To make a book called the Rihla. He had traveled 75,000 miles (120,000km).

Slaves on the Trans-Saharan Network

The reason they tade others for slaves is because it against their muslim law to have other muslims as slaves. Enslaving other muslims is against the Islamic law. They sent them to military and use them also for generals in the military. They use some for outside work, gardening, and ect. Muslim's salves can earn their freedom. They can have their own slave and they can own land. They have more freedom than European slaves did.

This is the Three West African Kingdoms.

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