Build Your Boudoir and Portrait Business With Mistie Simone

So, I believe in making money. I believe that it is entirely possible to make an abundant living in photography and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing it wrong.

I started my boudoir company Little Black Dress Boudoir seven years ago. I went from under charging, doing everything myself in a tiny studio, to a 3,000 sq ft custom built out studio in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with stylists, and a full time studio manager who I also taught to shoot sessions. Now i run a full destination boudoir model and shoot at private locations all over Southern California and Las Vegas.

My company does six figures a year in sales. I do this while still maintaining a great work/life balance. My career background- before becoming a professional photographer- was as a business consultant. I would go into small and large businesses ( of all types) and make them more profitable.

I find that a lot of photographers are terrified of the business and marketing side of their artistic passion. They lack the skills, the mindset or the drive to really grow their business and be really successful. I hope to change that.

xoxox, Mistie Simone

Pricing for Profit - Live online class

Date: February 13th

Time: 4pm pacific standard time

Where: Google Hangout

In this two hour class we will identify where your pricing needs to be, in order to actually be profitable .

Learn to streamline your pricing so it is simple for clients to give you money. Seriously, less is more.

You will leave with a full customized pricing plan for your business by the end of class. That is individual to you and your business. The point is to have pricing that will make YOU more money.

You will also learn some of my expert tips and tricks to get higher sales in the sales room. This class has been very successful for many photographers, it will literally change your life.

Bonus: Sign up by February 5th and receive a 30 minute private one on one consulting call on any topic. $150 value.

Price is $395 .

Be a CEO. Not a Starving Artist. - Live online class

Date: February 15th

Time: 10am pacific time

Where: Google Hangout

You can be the most talented photographer in the world and still be broke.

In this 4 hour class I will teach you how to run and operate a financially successful and sustaining business.

You will learn how to create a marketing plan that works for you, how to get women in your studio, build client retention, create an unforgettable experience for your clients, learn when its time to outsource or hire staff, and what makes your business unique and one of a kind etc…

This will be a crazy intensive class designed to get you to the next level and be the boss of your company. No matter what level you are on now. Class size is limited to 7

Bonus : Sign up by February 5th and receive a one hour private one on one consulting call on any topic. $300 value.

Price is $595

Join me for beta testing part two for my 5 week Boudoir Marketing Course.

When : First week's download is available February 15th

Where: Video downloads.

There were some hiccups discovered in the first round of testing and some changes have been made to the structure. Before launching the full price program, I would like to do a second round of beta testing.

All videos will be available to download weekly, and there will be one live Q and A hangout session at the end of the course.

Week one: Brand Marketing

How to attract and book the clients who really get you. Do this and you will never have competition again.

Week two: Make them beg you for more.

Turn your current and past clients into addicts. Learn how to rebook your favorite clients again and again through creative marketing. Perfect for filling holiday schedules too.

Week three: Build a community of brand ambassadors

Learn how to use instagram, your Facebook business page, and private Facebook groups to get you more clients.

Week four: Market outside the box.

Learn how to use unique and creative techniques to get more business.

Week five: Setting intentions and sticking to them.

Learn how to create a marketing calendar, and plan of action that keeps you marketing all year round so that you never hit dreaded dry spells.

Since this course is via download you can watch, re watch and learn at your own pace.

Beta Testers v2 get this entire course for just $400.

Price will be $900 at official launch.

Beta testing is used to work out any kinks, get feedback and improve the course before launch. If all of that sounds awesome, then go ahead and click the link below to enroll.


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