Autoramas Noun. a place where cars are gathered to be showed off

A few names for Autoramas are; Car shows, meet and greets, Thursday night get-togethers or Napa parties basically a bunch of slang for a gathering for meeting up and talking cars with your buddies
To me car shows are waking up in the morning and washing your already spotless car to impress a handful of people that you don't know or car to know. I usually give my car a shower before I even get a shower. Always got to have the cleanest car!
Car shows to me are travelling with family and friends to an even and having everyone in awe as you pull up to the event and back into your spot. its getting out and everyone gawking and asking about your car. They are about getting to know people that have the same passion as you. Cars, trucks or even bikes.
its about taking pictures of those "sweet rides" and showing your car buddies what they missed out on at the car show. car shows are being well known because you brought that car to the show or knowing about the cars there. Its not about showing up and being obnoxious and ruining the show or gathering for everyone else.
It's definitely not about going from point A to point B.
it is about being with family and having a good time. Its showing up to have a good time or to catch up with old friends and new friends to come. It is about coming together as a family and having fun while doing so
its about being unique, or original.
It is not about winning, but hey, who doesn't like to win? Car shows are about showing your passion. showing off the blood sweat and countless hours and swear words you have put into making a one of a kind ride.
Its being proud of what you have done.
at the end of the day its a passion, a passion that a lot are saying is going away....



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