Web Spinning Goats

The first web spinning goat was made at the university of Wyoming

The web spinning goat was inserted with the genes of a spider so the goat can now produce dragline web which is the stronger outer layer of the web. The scientist say that there is no negative affects towards the goats and that the goat looks exactly the same as others.

The university of Wyoming made this goat because the spider web is known as the strongest material on earth. If you can mass produce this string we would be able to create many things like Bulletproof vest,etc.

Pros-healthier food, control growth of an organism, better taste

Cons-we don't know how it will effect humans in the future,allergies, could negatively effect the environment

I believe GMO's are amazing becuase they make our food taste better and they make it healthier. In my eyes it's a win win. I'm all for GMO's.

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