A Musical Fundraiser February 26, 2017 Scroll ⬆️ to view more photos

The Performance -

"Internationally-acclaimed trumpet player, Jens Lindemann, presents “Brassfire” - an epic, energized concert experience highlighting the history of trumpet music. Jens performs timeless classics from Bach and Vivaldi to Louis Armstrong and Dizzie Gillespie. With his exceptional musicianship and sensitivity, Jens explores the full emotional range of the trumpet, from lyrical haunting melodies to the blistering bravado of Maynard Ferguson, all delivered with the showmanship of his childhood hero Doc Severisen. Jens will be joined by special guest Barry Shiffman, one of Canada’s foremost violin soloists.

Rounding out the evening’s Performance is vocal powerhouse Shannon Gaye, performing her own brand of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, accompanied by Bulgarian piano prodigy Kristian Alexandrov and his Stellar trio." - write up credit: Port Moody Arts Centre

Former Board Members of the Port Moody Arts Centre
David Crawford, VP Vancouver Board of Trade, from left, David Bassett, VP TD Investment Advisor, and Tatiana Enhorning, Sun Life
David Bassett, second from left, and Valerie Simons, second from right

Valerie Simons, President, Board of Directors of the Port Moody Arts Centre, left

Top photo: Susan Chambers, left, and Councillor Zoe Royer, City of Port Moody; Left photo: Karen and Tim Stiles; Right photo: Bill Laidler, BILL LAIDLER RE/MAX REALTY
Councillor Diana Dilworth, City of Port Moody, from left, Gerry Nuttall, Robert Simons, and Mayor Mike Clay, City of Port Moody
Tim Laidler, BILL LAIDLER RE/MAX REALTY, left, and Mayor Mike Clay, City of Port Moody
Top photo: Marion Lochhead, from left, Katerina Anastasiadis, and Cathy Cena, MC for The Gala; Left photo: Linda Reimer, MLA Port Moody Coquitlam; Right photo: Bruce Gibson, Flavelle Sawmill
Christine Catering Company
Reception Desk

Susan Chambers, from left, Craig Lochhead, Marion Lochhead, Senior Associate, Burgess Cawley Sullivan & Associates Ltd., and Cathy Cena, MC for The Gala

Top photo: Kerry Peacock, Executive VP, TD Bank Group, from left, Jim Peacock, Lorne Lindsay, and Audrey Lindsay; Left Photo: Karim Esmail, far right; Right photo: Boonruang J. Buonaguro, from left, Don Bergman, Prapha Sriwanit, Pawadee J. Hartley, and Junjira Egan
Laura Chambers, right
Peller Estates and Anderson Distilleries
Thanks to all of the Silent Auction Donors
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