Heather Moore Boyd County Commissioner District 1

My name is Heather Moore. I teach Psychology, Sociology, Political Issues, Global Issues and Law and Justice at Paul G. Blazer High School. Each and every day I encourage my students to get involved!

I challenge them to work to fix the system they think is broken. It's this mantra that has pushed me to "practice what I preach." I decided it was time to get more involved my community, and be the change I want to see.

It started with applying to be on the Board of Trustees at the Boyd County Library. Having recently obtained by Library Media Certification from Marshall University, I wanted to put that knowledge to use in our local library. Seeing how easy it was to be involved in the workings and budgets of the library had me looking for other areas that I could put my understanding and expertise to good use.


I have always been involved in the workings of the Fiscal Court. My mother worked at the courthouse for 18 years, serving as a secretary for the County Attorney, Human Resource Coordinator, as the Fiscal Court Clerk. During that tenure, I had the opportunity to work in the summers as a filing clerk, and office assistant spending most of my time in Accounts Payable. I loved being involved in the workings of the county, listening to the meetings and watching as the community members interacted with the Fiscal Court to create fiscal policy.

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Heather Moore

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