Leila's Tomb Treasurs (Asian art museum)

This is a link to the website of the Asian Art Museum

Our class went to the Asian Art Museum and we learned about the tomb treasures of China. Each of us picked two artifacts and went a little bit more in dept with them.

My first artifact was the Lamp!

This artifact is called The Lamp it is made out of bronze. There is hot water on the bottom and they put oil in the slot and they light the oil. After the smoke goes up threw the small pipes then it goes back down in to the water. Even back then they thought about keeping the air healthy.

I think that archaeologists would concluded that people use this to stay warm or to have light when it is dark.

This is the Stand For Music Chimes

This artifact is made out of heavy bronze and delicately inlaid with silver. The chimes are hung from the top of the dragon.

I think the archaeologists would draw a conclusion that that this amazing piece of work is or was a trend and a musical instrument in China.

By Leila Tehrani

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Leila Tehrani

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