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“Achievements and Thanks”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

The end of a Term creeps up on us quickly ,it is often a hectic time and staff and students as well as their families are looking forward to a break from the regular routines of the school day.

The end of Term is a good time to reflect on our work and overall performance over the last 10 weeks of school.

We have a very positive culture within the College of acknowledging and celebrating success, achievement is expected and regarded as the first priority for why we are here.

I would like to reflect on the last term and highlight some of our outstanding events and achievements:

  • Settled, learning focused classrooms where the interactions between staff and students are both positive and respectful.
  • Outstanding celebration of our Catholic and Lasallian charism on De La Salle Founders Day and College Liturgies.
  • Parent Partnership meetings well attended by our families to reinforce the links and engagement between home and school learning.
  • High number of Winter Sports teams who are competing in Auckland competitions in a growing number of sports.
  • Positive feedback and congratulations from organisations, thankful for the Service that our students have performed for them.
  • Preparation and commitment of our students towards the whole school Assessment Week.
  • Contribution from our senior student leaders in mentoring and academic tutoring of our younger boys.
  • Commitment and care from College staff to be involved in coaching teams, running tutorials and workshops outside school time, assisting in the Music and Service programmes.
  • Celebration of all Cultural Language weeks and highlighting these to the College with a real sense of pride and ownership.
  • The growing Debating programme and increased numbers of students participating in this valuable experience on an Auckland wide level.
  • The wonderful experiences of Education Outside the Classroom seen in our Camps, Kairos Retreats and Leadership Courses.
  • Opportunities to represent the College with pride yet humility at Leadership events in and around Auckland.
  • The Young Enterprise Scheme and BP Challenge which gives our young men a practical opportunity to put their learning into a real-life context.
  • The College Band “SOLS” winning the Pacifika Beats Auckland final.
  • The College 1st X111 Rugby League team winning the Auckland Development Grade Final.

The above are some of the many ways that we have met the goals that we have set as a College.

They are not complete by any means and are constantly in our planning and implementation as we seek to achieve our Vision of “Creating Great Men of Faith, Service, Community and Excellence”.

I thank the College Staff, Parents, Old Boys and our young men for their efforts over this term in contributing to the achievements in and outside the College.

I wish all of our young men and their families a safe and restful holiday. We look forward to further success and even greater achievements in Term 3.

God Bless

Ki te manaaki o Atua

associate principal

Mr Dermot English


Yesterday we had four presentations at the school from John Parsons on a range of issues around online behaviour. He presented to the Year 10 and Year 11 boys, the staff and to parents in the evening. There were a lot of excellent messages.

For boys- create an online digital footprint that is an asset, not a liability, for example when you are applying for jobs, scholarships and university. Your online presence will be checked and people will make judgement based on what you put online.

For staff- protect yourself from harm by making sure no one else has access to your devices, and be proactive in reporting possible harm to students

For parents- don’t be afraid to parent, you have the authority to regulate your son’s online behaviour, you or a family member can follow your son on Instagram or TikTok and you can set rules. Keep children off social media till at least 13 years old so they don’t lose their childhood in a flood of likes and comments. The focus isn’t just limiting screen time but making sure they have a balanced life, that is enough sleep, good food, and physical activity.

Mr Parsons visits many many schools, and the ones that impress him the most are the ones that have banned mobile phones, ie there can be a phone in a bag, but it is never taken out at school. These schools have found that very quickly the students become more settled and more connected. This could be something for us to consider in the future.


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Updates


Year 7 – 10 Reports and Year 11 -13 Credit updates have been sent out this week. Your son’s report can also be accessed through the Parent Portal on KAMAR as well http://parent.delasalle.school.nz

South Auckland Mathex Challenge

Congratulations to both of the Year 9 [1st Place in tie-breaker with McAuley HS] and Year 10 [2nd Place behind Southern Cross Campus] teams in the latest round of the South Auckland Mathex Challenge. The next round will be held here at De La Salle College on 3rd August. Thanks to Mr Kumar and Mr Marcelo for their work supporting the teams.

Year 9 Teams

Isaac Ete-AhKen 9JMA, Jordan Etei-Michael 9VCO, Albert Ezurike 9POW, Chisom Ochibulu 9POW, Bruno Ta'ale 9LAU, Zylis Taliulu 9LAU, Inglis Tavu'i-Lemalie 9KUM, Elijah Tia 9JMA.

Year 10 teams

Jesse Dmello 10FAR, Jozanam Emani 10TAU, Gregory Filimoehala 10FAR, Juan Koti 10FUT, Chanel Junior CJ Leota 10RET, Masoteis Pritchard 10JER, Troy Sanday 10GTS, Caesar Yandall 10TAU.

Here is a taste of the type of questions that the boys have to solve. They get 15 – 20 problems like this to complete in just 20 minutes!

There are 204 squares of different sizes on a chessboard. How many rectangles [excluding squares] of any size are there on a chessboard? 2901 :rewsnA

House Spelling Bee Competition

Congratulations to all of our class champions. A resounding win to Solomon, Miguel 2nd, Mutien 3rd and Benildus 4th.

Year 9 - James Tuileisu, Simote Lokotui, Elijah Tia, Isaac Ete-Ah Ken, Mason Lapana, Gian Reyes, AJ Faalave, Bruno Ta'ale, Dayton Wong, Chisolm Ochibulu, Albert Ezurike, Jett Anitelea, Charles Palea, Bonaventure Lipa-Patau

Year 10 - Jesse Dmello, Nathaniel Fifita, John Paul Schmidt, Levi Nansen Ieremia-Seulu, Rico Toeava-Ward, Otireta Teiaua, Matthias Vili, Mahe Tupou, Liuaki Hansen, Karlan Mosa'ati, Prix Ete-Ah Ken

Year 11 - Moses Pikokivaka, Manatu'ofa Mila, Tauma Ekiroma, Aukistino Toeava, Allerton Koloamatangi, Zephaniah Robertson-Faasalele, Kupa Dolan

Year 12 - Valetino Taito, Ofiena Mila, Exzodia Vagaia

Year 13 - Marco Colbert, Quinton Periera Smith, Joshua Mea'ole-Naea, Lima Enosa, Xavier Vito

You can test someone in your house with the selection of the words below used in the preliminary rounds. How many would you get correct?

  • voracious
  • universal
  • transient
  • meticulous
  • personification
  • inevitable
  • vigilant
  • interrogate
  • malignant


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles

Internet Safety Presentation

Internet safety is a very real issue facing families in NZ but there are easy and practical steps to reduce the risk. De La Salle College held a presentation given by Mr John Parsons, on the issues associated with the inappropriate use of computers, mobile phones and the internet for Year 10 & 11 students, staff and parents.



Assistant Principal for Mission - Mr Kane Raukura

Dear Lasallians, families and friends of the College, thank you sincerely for this wonderful Term Two. Especially for the countless hours our students have put into service and volunteering. I also acknowledge every homeroom who assisted with our Thursday Masses and their teachers for the superb guidance and support. Thank you also to everyone who assisted with liturgy and the organisation of any of our special character events, especially our celebrating Priests and the local Deanery. Thank you to our Campus Minister, Mr Matt Apuda, for his continued faith filled and passionate Catholic example and leadership, just outstanding.

I would like to wrap up for the term with a reflection on why we pray the way we do at De La Salle College. As a school built on the ideals of our Founder, Saint John Baptist De La Salle, we have three unique Lasallian Prayers that resonate loudly in any Lasallian School across the globe. It is these prayers, in concert with each other and said in faith and love, that allow Lasallians everywhere to actively animate and live the Lasallian Spirit in their daily lives.

Anyone who has stayed any length of time in a Lasallian school, will be familiar with these three short prayers:

“Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.”
“I will continue, O my God, to do all my actions for the love of You."
“Live Jesus in our hearts forever!”

These prayers summarize the spirituality of a Lasallian.

St. John Baptist de La Salle was a man who, in faith, entrusted his life to a God who desires that all persons be loved, liberated and saved. Confronted with the plight of poor and unschooled children wandering aimlessly through the streets of Rheims, John Baptist dedicated himself to making God’s compassion present and effective in their lives through the work of Christian education. In the face of fierce opposition, he turned his back on the privileges of his social class to live with his teachers and together with them to create Christian schools that were economically inclusive and pedagogically innovative. In recognition of his faith and zeal, John Baptist de La Salle was canonized by Pope Leo XIII on May 24, 1900 and named Universal Patron of Schoolteachers by Pope Pius XII on May 15, 1950.

Today as in De La Salle’s time, God continues to call men and women to make His compassion visible and effective in the lives of the young. Like our Founder, we believe that God works through people to save people. Like our Founder, we strive to be in touch with the needs of the times, to know the struggles of young people and the best ways to help them. Like their Founder, we are invited to hear God’s call in the hopes, hurts and hungers of young hearts and to take appropriate action.

“Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.”

Lasallians generally say “Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.” rather than “Let us place ourselves in God’s holy presence.” God is never separate from us, but rather the loving, sustaining and saving presence that keeps all things in being. Remembering God’s presence is how we tune in to God and become receptive to his loving and saving action. As men and women in the Lasallian community, we need to remember that there is no situation from which God is absent and that is he is most especially present in the crosses of life when we are tempted to think God could not possibly be there.

Attention to God’s invitations in daily life and embracing God’s will in the present moment are the core practices of Lasallian spirituality. Attention to God’s presence in the events of life is what we call “seeing with the eyes of faith.” Embracing God’s will in the present moment means choosing the loving response to whatever is going on in and around us for God’s sake. Faith working through love is at the core of how Lasallians ought to live.

“I will continue O my God to do all my actions for the love of You.”

Every moment of our lives brings with it an invitation from God. Remembering God’s presence attunes me to this. The colleague who asks for a favor, the beggar I meet on the street, the birthday card I have to send, the unfinished homework on my desk, the report I have to write, the meeting I have to chair, the bully I have to discipline, the friend who loses his parents in a car accident, the student whose mother is stricken by cancer, being quarantined with my family—in all these situations, God is continually calling me to encounter him and work with him to bring about good. Without faith’s eyes however, I am more liable to pass up these situations as burdens and distractions rather than as opportunities to encounter God and serve God’s purposes. What is God’s will for me? It is the good I am capable of in the present moment. Insignificant as it may seem, every action done for God becomes a sacrifice that God blesses and makes fruitful for the building of the inclusive communion that is God’s Kingdom. All that Jesus did, he did for love of the Father. One could very well say that the whole spirituality of Jesus is summed up in the words, “Father, thy will be done.” When we pray this prayer, we are offering ourselves to the Father as Jesus did, asking that the Father might use us—our efforts and abilities and even our sufferings and failures—to realize his saving plan.

“Live, Jesus in our hearts.”

To imitate Jesus is not a matter of copying his external acts but of reshaping our worldview and character so that we become Christlike in our manner of thinking, speaking, desiring, and loving. For this purpose our Founder invites us to observe Jesus in the gospels, to reflect on his behavior, to internalize his attitudes and dispositions, to apply these to our own lives, and to pray for the grace to make them our own. By both grace and effort, it will be Jesus who speaks in our words, works through our hands, and loves with our hearts.

In a world where young people suffer the ravages of economic poverty on the one hand and the ennui of uninhibited consumerism on the other, in a world where young people continue to experience ignorance, exploitation, and abandonment, there will always be a need for men and women who minister with the heart of Jesus, making real and tangible for young people the saving love of God.

In summary then, a Lasallian is someone who prays,

“Lord use me. Grant me your vision. Speak in my words, work through my hands, love through my heart for apart from you I can do nothing. Let all I do and suffer be an offering pleasing to you. Work in and through me O Lord that your Reign of Love might dawn in our world. Let your will be done. By me. Always. Now.”

God Has Only You.

You are either a student, a teacher, an administrator, a staff member, or a parent in a Lasallian school. Does that mean anything to you? Does it mean the right things? In a world where God is often dismissed as absent, irrelevant or powerless, we are called to be living reminders of the God. How? Remember that you are always in God’s presence. Do everything for the love of God. Allow Jesus to live and reign in your heart. Who knows then what great work God will accomplish through you?

Saint John Baptist De La Salle – Pray for Us!

God Bless, Mr Raukura

Assistant Principal for Mission

ict academy


Year 7

Lape Champs

We had the best time playing Lape. There was a shield up for grabs and even the teachers were eager for the win. Lots of big hits, hard sprinting and of home runs. The support was overwhelming and the cheers were deafening. The atmosphere was delirious and fierce. In the end the Mighty Miguel took home the shield. Congratulations to our other place getters. See you at our Dodgeball Championships. Thanks to our super duper teachers for organising our Lape tournament. Fa’afetai lava.

Tabloid Sports

Once again Benildus, Solomon, Mutien and Miguel went head to head. This time for our Tabloid Sports Competition. It was quite difficult to walk quickly while balancing an egg on a spoon. Or walking in sync with a partner while your legs are tied together. But you could not help but laugh the whole way through. It was so entertaining to watch.

Congratulations to Benildus our winners for the Day. Thanks to all our houses for their great participation and especially to our teachers for organising and running our games.

Dodgeball Champions

Oh my goodness, what a racket! It’s ok it’s just the year 7’s having their dodgeball champs. The MPC was pumping at period 2. It looked and sounded like the roof was going to lift off. It was so loud I thought that noise control were going to come through the doors and tell us to be quiet.

Once again it was house versus house. We played a simple round robin until Solomon and Miguel had to play for 1st and 2nd place. Miguel were so good they were unbeatable. Congratulations Miguel again!

Reading is an essential tool for Learning

‘Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers’. -Charles W. Elio

Reading is an important tool in learning. It allows students to succeed in school as they will allow them to access a wide range of curriculum and improve their communication and language skills.

As part of our curriculum, De La Salle College is blessed to have Literacy as a major component of it. We put special consideration to our students’ Lexile level to ensure that they are improving themselves.

There have been a number of students who have improved their vocabulary and comprehension due to the push that the school is giving and the incentive of being part of the Millionaire’s club. A type of recognition given to students who have read a million words or more in a period of 3 terms.

Let us continue to support our students by providing opportunities for them to read.

End of Term Prizegiving for Year 7 & 8

The Intermediate end of term prizegiving held on Thursday 8th is to recognise students who have stepped up and tried to improve themselves to meet the standards of De La Salle College. Students were recognised for their efforts put in to meeting certain criteria leading to the values espoused by the school – Faith, Service, Community and Excellence.

Year 7 recipients with their homeroom teachers
Year 8 recipients with their homeroom teachers

literacy centre


Teacher in Charge - Mr Marcelo

Wednesday 30 June, four teams consisting of Year 9 and 10 students took part in the recent South Auckland Mathematics Challenge (SAMC) at Aorere College. This is a challenging and fast-paced mathematics contest where South Auckland school teams compete against each other to answer mathematical questions as quickly as possible.

Massive congratulations to Albert Ezurike, Bruno Ta’ale, Inglis Tavu’i-Lemalie and Elijah Tia for taking out the first place in the Year 9 Challenge. This is their second win so far this year with three more events coming up in Term 3. ”

the Antarctic Heritage Trust Explorers Conference

by Charm Tuala

Friday 2 July I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity alongside a few of my Lasallian brothers to attend the Antarctic Heritage Trust explorer conference, held at Vodafone Events Centre and Wero Whitewater park. The aim of this conference was to develop young people with curiosity, resilience and confidence to venture into an uncertain future, and be empowered to discover solutions to humanity’s challenges. This conference had over 100 Year 12 students attend from different schools and eager to learn.

Our very own Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern gave the opening address. She spoke about the resilience shown by her childhood hero, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and how we can overcome difficult challenges in our everyday lives. Throughout the day we attended workshops where guest speakers shared their personal stories, and how we can learn from their experiences to better ourselves. They inspired me that no matter where you are in the world or your situation, there's always an opportunity to become an explorer even if it's just going into your own backyard. Anything is possible through perseverance and resilience, and you can also create positive outcomes by having a strong mindset, while ignoring negative aspects of everyday life.

After our workshops we headed to Wero Whitewater Park where we did white-water rafting. This was a fun activity to end the day, and we learnt to communicate and work together as a team to paddle down fast-flowing water. During this activity brotherhood was demonstrated when one of us fell out of the raft, and we worked together as one to pull him out of the water. This conference was an experience I will never forget as I had fun alongside my brothers while learning valuable lessons, which I will use to become a good role model.


by Tauma Ekeroma

Thursday July 1st, myself and a few other Year 11 students from our Geography class attended a day trip to study Waihi’s Gold Mine, as well as Karangahake Gorge and were given insight into how the work at Oceana Gold effects the environment for our internal assessment. Our class enjoyed the beautiful scenery that Waihi had to offer, as well as the things we'd learnt along our journey about the gold mine.

Travelling from Auckland to Waihi, it takes about an hour and forty minutes to get there. Upon arrival to the Oceana Gold Education Centre in Waihi, we were kindly welcomed by Phillip Salmon who guided us around the great mine. The mine is huge and stretched across many kilometers and the depth of the crater was unreal. Weirdly enough, this great crater was made near the town of Waihi, so some residents can view this from their backyard. Phil helped us understand the workings and management of the mine, including the history of how the mine came to be, even showing us some gold ore they had collected, which was so thin you could barely see it. We learned a lot about mining and how mining affects the environment, as well as how the gold mine operates and impacts the economy and society.

GEO201 Research Trip to Auckland CBD

by Jarren Iuvale

Friday 25 June our Geography teacher Mrs Ainiu along with Mr Jeremich, took our 201 GEO class on an excursion to the city to identify whether there was a relationship between the pedestrian flow and the land uses within that same area. This trip was to help with our second internal for the year which required group work and a lot of individual analyses to answer our aim: 'Is there a relationship between pedestrian flow and land user'.

On this trip we were able to experience city life during school hours, analysing why people chose to be in the city at that specific time, which did bring its own usefulness to our research. After our first block of work, we visited the Sky Tower. For some boys, visiting the first time was very challenging, especially when faced with a fear of heights. But by the end, we were able to work slowly through, fighting against our fears. After our Sky Tower visit we switched locations and finished off our research where a few boys on my behalf won a hat and we watched a performance by primary school students. Afterwards we had lunch and made our way back to school. This being my first subject trip where the trip was needed to pass my internal was interesting yet fun. For a lot of boys, practical work such as this is very engaging and enjoyable, because you are out and about learning, and not confined to your classroom. Thank you to Mrs Ainiu for organising this trip because we all know organising a trip isn’t all that easy; and thank you to Mr Jeremich for supporting and helping us.

careers corner

Careers Advisor - Mrs Fannon

Careers Evening

This year the careers evening was focused on Employment, Pathways & Training. We were fortunate to have so many Collegians come along to share their experiences and knowledge with our students. It was a great night had by all in attendance.

Old boys L-R: Iki Tulisi with Police Prep student Leonardo Wright; Leigh Munro & Renato Pitesa with Mrs Spencer

PILOT Programme

Late last month eight of our amazing Year 12 students were given the opportunity to be involved in the PILOT programme, which is run by a group of tertiary providers and educational organisations.

The purpose of PILOT (Pacific Island Leaders of Tomorrow) is to create Pasifika methodology to inspire, engage and empower our students to recognise their individual leadership qualities, and to shape their nets of influence. This is based around the PILOT methodology “WE ARE THE OCEAN”.

'untitled' - Ms tanuvasa

Working in the Art department alongside her colleagues Mr Tan & Miss Phillips, Ms Tanuvasa inspires our students to show expression through color and their surroundings. A multi-disciplinary artist that uses moving image, drawing, photography and sculpture, her work explores themes related to her immediate surroundings and her family life. Her work is part of the permanent collection of Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki.

In this article about her latest works 'Untitled' which features as part of a collective exhibition 'From our Beautiful Square' currently on show at the Gus Fisher Gallery, reflects on a period of time during a global lockdown. The exhibition is on now until Saturday 4 September.

De La Salle Sports


Teacher in Charge - Mr D Kumar

Our DLS 1st XI football team had their last pool match with Pukekohe High Reds. The boys again put up a wonderful performance and came out victorious 3 goals to nil. The players of the match were Kenneth Raju(13REX) and Lucia Lolohea (12BUL)

The team will be placed 3rd in the points table and will be competing in the Top 4 Crossover playoff with the other.

1st XIII Rugby League Grand Final

Teacher in Charge - Mr Brown

De La Salle College celebrated their return to the SAS College Rugby League Competitions with an 18-6 win over James Cook High School in the Senior A Grand Final.

What a special evening… Winning an A grade title, the crowd singing and cheering to show support from the first whistle to the last. The electric, atmosphere. A memory that everyone in attendance from students, family members, old boys (even those watching from overseas) to staff members will remember for a very long time. Congratulations to the 1st XIII team for their win against James Cook High in the Senior A grade final, 18 – 6.

The win means they now advance to the Premiership grade next year and play against the likes of St Paul’s and Kelston Boys. Huge thank you to Stephen Paea, Motu Tony and Falaniko Tominiko who spearheaded the campaign of league returning to De La Salle and Wednesday night was a result of their vision coming to fruition. To coaches George Carmont and Lui Tia, trainers Phil Peyroux – Donaldson and Jasen Mccarthy, special thank you for the hard work put into creating a solid team, ready to battle week in, week out. Special mention to strapper, Bobby. Staff members Mr Brown and Mr Stowers-Tualega, team management. To the parents, thank you for the food, support, time and energy put into supporting the team. To the old boys, NesianStreet clothing, for the team playing jersey, Mangere East Rugby League for the use of the grounds and clubroom for home games, Ossie Letelier who livestreamed every game for those who couldn’t attend and Anthony Apelu for providing Man of the Match awards. We thank you all for your service and commitment to the team and are very grateful for your support this season. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored or donated to the team. The next campaign is Nationals in 6 weeks so we move forward to that #FTGF

Lock Jerry Matautia (pictured below) was a leading contributor, scoring a double en route to being named Player of the Match.

Grand final Player of the Match Jeremiah Matautia and team sponsor Cold Classic Barber owner and old boy Mr Anthony Apelu

Auckland Intermediate School Rugby Championship

The Auckland Intermediate School Rugby Championship tournament was played out on Tuesday 6 July at Avondale Racecourse. De La Salle had both their U55kgs and Open Weight teams entered after both placing second place at the South West Zone tournament. The games played at the tournament had very good zone winners playing outstanding rugby, highlighting how far the development of rugby has grown in previous weaker zones. There was no such thing as an easy game and every game both DLS teams played were tough. In the end the Open Weight team finished their round of pool games with 2 draws and 2 wins placing 3rd overall. The U55kgs won and lost games in their pool. We may have not achieved our goal of winning the tournament but there was a lot of learning to be taken away from participating.

The boys enjoyed their time playing with their friends and playing against quality teams. Our teams were very entertaining to watch and the school is in good stead for exciting U14 players next year. Thank you to Ben Masoe for coaching the Open Weight team and sharing his expertise and guiding the team. Thank you to Mr Powlesland for coaching the U55kgs team at short notice but still managed to achieve some good wins. Thank you to the boys who helped out on the day Levick, Latu, Troy, Karlan, Kanan and Carter. Thank you to the parents who came to support and the Vaaga and Fidow families for providing marquees on the day. Lastly, thank you to all the boys who played and represented our school admirably on the field.

Open Weight team and results: Zach Bourne Matagi, Anton Faaotaota, James Fidow, Jaden Mano, Kohen Masoe, Peto Paulo, Ignatius Schmidt, Folau Sii, Harvey Smith, Denzel Su’a, Psalms Vaotuua, CJ Vili, Elijah Wilson, Lucas Vaaga, Jeremiah Lene, Riley Apelu, Latu Enoka, Jaychris Ikuia, Gideon Aiaelo, Joshua and David Kolo, Tevita Lutui, Tyrell Mataafa – Schuster, Zane Liu Chan.

  • DLS vs Kelston- win
  • DLS vs St Peters- draw
  • DLS vs Howick- win
  • DLS vs Manurewa- draw

U55kgs results: Lost to Auckland Normal Intermediate, Henderson, and Rosmini. Won against Bucklands Beach Intermediate and Glendowie.


Photos by Ms Judd

Senior Premier basketball team won a very physical and edge-of-your-seat game against Rosehill College 56-40 taking them into the Greater Auckland Championships in Term 3


Register for an Art workshop inspired by Ms Tanuvasa at Gus Fisher Gallery


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Thank you to the family of Jeremiah Matautia for the 1st XIII Grand Final photos and to all who contributed to this newsletter edition. Wishing you all a safe school holidays. Term 3 begins Monday 26 July