Malaysia Perspective and International Perspective in Conservation and Management Challenges for Sustainable Forest by mazatul shafinaz binti yaacub

Malaysia Conservation and Management Challenges for Sustainable Forest

National Forest Act of 1984
  • Designed to promote uniformity of the forestry laws of the States of Malaysia.
  • Addresses issues related to forestry administration, management, conservation and forest development.
  • Classifies Permanent Forest Estates (PFEs)and states that any products originating from a PFE or other State land are considered the property of the State Authority and therefore may only be extracted with a proper license.
National Forest Policy

Policy amended in 1992 to included:

  • Conservation of biodiversity.
  • Promote role of local communities in forest development.
  • Sustainable utilization of genetic materials.
Annual Coupe
  • To ensure that the forests are managed on a sustainable basis AAC is determined every 5 years.
  • Records AAC had been exceeded when country's economic condition is not good.
Implementation of Selective Management System (SMS)
  • Generally effective in addressing emissions.
  • Still being refined to overcome issues with regards to impacts on species composition and recovery rates.
  • More immediate issue is in improving harvesting and minimize damage through Reduced Impact Logging.
Timber Certification
Timber Certification
  • Important tool to promote and demonstrate Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).
  • Ensuring whats on paper is practiced on the ground.
  • Third party inspection of forest management unit had resulted in significant improvements in forest management practices.

international perspective in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest

  • Planting of trees for commercial purposes.
  • the supply of wood and wood products from afforested areas has prevented the over use and destruction of natural forests.
Reforestation activity
  • A method of planting trees in an existing forested area.
  • When forests are removed without reestablishment they can be reforested by planting trees in the same area to rebuild the existing area.
Selective Logging
Selective Logging
  • Removal of trees within a stand based on size limitations.
  • Allows for forest regeneration to occur between and after the selective harvest cycles.
Controlled Burn
  • Controlled burn is a method that uses to manage forests.
  • Fire can benefits the ecosystem within a forest.
  • It renews the forest undergrowth and also stimulates the germination of trees species.

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