English 150-045 With the great Dr. Pavletic

At the beginning of this course I was thinking that I didn't really need English all that much. I thought "How much do I really need to know about the language I already speak?" However, I have now learned there is quite a lot of to learn in this course. I am realizing that a little late in the semester though. Nevertheless, I am realizing it. There is quite a lot of stuff I can learn about the language I already speak and about all of the benefits from what I could've potentially learned in this course and what I did learn. Steve Jobs once said "You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward." That is the case with me and this semester of English 150 because I did not put together what I could learn from this class, looking backward, however, it is all clear. Let's see what I learned from this semester.

This captures the part of writing essay that can be very crucial to the writing process. It the peer review stage in order to critique each other's paper and work collaboratively on a writing problem. Peer review only works when you let it work. You have to write to the best of your ability so that you can receive the best feedback before your best ability is graded. What happened here is that I was given feed back from Doug and Doug got feedback from me. We reviewed our papers and called to have extra help from the professor. The professor was required becuase neither of use really understood how to give the best feedback to one another. In order to get more review from just our peers in the future instead of getting most of it from the professor we would need to understand better critical thinking skills and understand the purpose of peer review a little more.
The intended audience here would be the class since this was taken by the professor. The professor took this picture in order to give us an example and start the conversation about the final project and explain how to use Pinterest. The needs of the class would be: how to access Pinterest, how to upload pictures to Pinterest, and to also understand what awaits the class at the end of the semester. The primary goal of this picture was not just to talk about the final project but to get us thinking about the future and to start planning for it. Not just for this class, but for other classes as well. Planning ahead is a useful tool in any aspect of life and the professor was trying to indirectly teach the class that skill.
One very important of English 150 this semester, since we working in groups, was to work well with others. This picture can go one of two ways. in the foreground you've got me looking like I am saying something. In the background you have Miante with his head on the table looking at a laptop screen. Just looking at the picture you might think that it is a bad example of working with others. However, in this picture we were in peer review and not all of us had a hard copy to pass around. Those of use who had a digital copy had to pass our laptops over to the people who were going to reviewing our papers. That being said, I am still saying something while Miante is still silently reading. This would show that Doug and I were actively giving each other feedback as we read down one another's paper. Miante seems to be just collecting his thoughts. This picture could still go one of two ways. Either Miante collects his thoughts in silence and then shares them with the group or he doesn't have anything to say after reading someone else's paper.
This shows a daily activity in this class called "free writing." This is an activity we do in order to express our writing talents without having to think about it to much. The professor gives us a prompt and we have 5 to 10 minutes to write about the given prompt without having to worry about specific guidelines we usually have while writing essays and such. We do not have to worry about spelling, grammar, or anything else for that matter. The point of this is just to write and not stop for 10 minutes. We do this because so that we it gets us to analyze the writing situation and choose the organization method without thinking about it too much. When we overthink we can sometimes steer ourselves away from the purpose we were writing for in the first place. Free writing also shows us how to just get what we want to write onto a page. This can used as an brainstorming method in order to clear up your scramble thoughts about what to write about in a paper.
This demonstrates a very useful tool. This uses the class time usually taken up by lecture or an in-class activity of some kind. Instead, this is time taken up by whatever you want, it's a free day to show up and work on whatever you want to work on for that class. This class has several moving parts and this is a time where we can adjust how fast those moving parts move. What happens here is it gives us the chance to organize our ideas effectively by giving us the chance to work on whatever, including getting feedback from the professor. The professor for this course is very helpful, since she is willing to help create a calendar and a schedule for us. By getting help learning how to organize our schedules so we can get things done effectively provides us the skills of time management. There is a mountain of things that this professor does for her students, it's quite impressive actually. We do this because we can learn how to manage our time, a very important skill to have throughout life.
Throughout this course we had separate "units." In each unit we had a main paper with a certain topic for that unit. The paper was due at the end of each unit after having required meetings with the professor. The unit 2 paper was about "advertising campaigns" and the purpose was to find a company that has produced commercials/ads of some kind that something to do with one another under one campaign. For example Nike has a slogan of "just do it" and you can find all the marketing campaigns that fall under that slogan. We did this because we had to find something that the campaign is trying to represent. Once we found what we thought the campaign was representing then we had to state that assertion. Not only did we have to state it but we had to explain the assertion so our targeted audience could understand why the campaign represents that. Stating and explaining assertions has several uses even in the world of math and science, actually, especially in the world of math and science. When an engineer or a physicist comes up with a theory they need to be able to state and explain why their theory is true or not true. By being able to explain this effectively you would be able to get the awareness of your theory to masses without much difficulty. Albert Einstein had a saying, "if you cannot explain it simply then you don't understand it well enough." Therefore, you not only have to understand what you are talking about, but also how to explain it as well.
The above picture lays out the three main way to persuade an audience: ethos, logos, and pathos. They each target the audience in a different by using a different type of writing or representation. They teach how to choose our words and tone in order to target a specific group of people. This happens because there are several different types of audiences and different ways of representation to target them. This is useful because depending on what we are doing it gives us a general guideline that is always consistent. There are different ways to represent something to someone. These persuasion tools, however, give us a something to always rely on no matter what we are trying to do.
There is an online part of this class called McGraw Hill Connect. The purpose of this program is to improve our sentence structure, grammar, word choice, and so on. A quarter of the program is suppose to be done at the end of each unit when the unit paper is due, since there are 4 units then by the end of the semester you should be completed with 100% of the program. Since this is something we work on all semester long then it is not something you are going to see instant results for. This is kind of something for both you and the professor at the same time. Since this program is meant to improve your writing over time, that means as the professor grades the papers you turn in over time then the both of you get to see how your writing style is changed and improved over the course of the semester. Since this is something that is suppose to improve you over time that means that you benefit from just doing it because it improves your writing for you so you don't have too.

Every now and then you have to give your reader a little bit of comical relief.

In the last unit of the course we told to write an annotated bibliography. What you do with this is you write the citation referring to a book, webpage, video, article, journal, etc. The annotation is intended to give the reader information on how relevant, accurate, and how good the quality of the sources are. This is to give you information on a set of sources when researching a certain topic without having to actually read through the sources. If the sources give the reader enough information then they can make an informed decision on whether or not to use this source for their own research. The purpose of this is to come up with ideas and to find reliable sources. This project uses critical thinking to develop an educated opinion and to find the most reliable sources.
Also in this class, we had a weekly activity of journals, we had to write two a week. There was a fixed set of prompts for the first journal due on Thursday and another fixed set of prompts for the second journal of the week due on Saturday. Each week you can decide to write about something different from what you about the week before or can choose to use that prompt again. The purpose of doing this is to analyze the writing situation, analyze needed information, and locate the correct information need for the writing. This can be used to create material when writing a professional document when you are not sure what to say.
more often than not the best kind of work happens at night.
The library comes with a variety of resources that can help a student be successful.
Better be prepared for a lot of peer review. I wan't expecting the vast amount of peer review we do in this class but it is helpful if you make sure to take advantage of it.
We do a lot of projects big and small in this class and the free workshop on Friday is a big help with getting everything done. Make sure to use your time wisely during these times.

In this class there a lot of things I am going to continue to use in other classes and indeed in my life. Most of these things I did not think were all that important at the beginning of the semester, however, I realize now the things I learned in this class are something that when used correctly can be very beneficial to not only you but the people around you as well. As I the semester comes to an end I realize how much this class has gone from just another English class to opening my eyes a little bit on the world of English and how important it can be.

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