abstract Kayla Ritchey

3/10/17 --- Last class, we learned about famous pop artists, and the criteria for our popart book. A lot of people were confused, but I knew I wanted to base my work off of Romero Britto, so I decided to take a more abstract approach to Britto's work. I started off drawing lines in each square, and making designs within the lines. After finishing about two and a half sketches, Ms. McCall told me I was on the right track and that I was maybe doing okay. I finished the rest of my sketches at home.

My original six sketches.
My work is based off of Britto's, but with a slightly more abstract spin.

3/20/17 Last class, I worked on coloring in my full page sketches, and making a large scale version of my designs. I am going to choose one of my designs to tranfer to bethe cover of my project. It will be one of my three chosen sketches, which are an abstract representation of Romero Brittos work. i will probably make the cover bigger than the other pages,

3/22/17 ---- last class i drew my cover page and started outlining it. today ill finish that and then color it.

3/24/17 ----- Last class, i finished coloring my cover, and now im going use water to make the water colored pencils look like actual watercolor. i also used markers to fill in the patterns and im gonna finish today.


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