Healthy Hawaiian Lifestyle BY Sam Glidden


The Hawaiian perspective on life is very unique compared to the mainland folk. “The slowed-down, low-stress island lifestyle gives Hawaiians a major health advantage. Less than one-third of Hawaiian residents say they’re stressed out on any given day, making them the least-stressed state population in the country.” (Gregoire, 2013) With this their slowed down less stressed way of living they can easily focus on the most important things in life. “Hawaii residents are particularly good at prioritizing spending time with family and friends… The community spirit has a way of rubbing off on individuals, creating a uniquely Hawaiian perspective on life.” (Gregoire, 2013)
When it comes down to the food choices on the islands people cannot go wrong. People could either buy overpriced unhealthy food brought over on ships or they could eat the wonderful fresh things that are coming up right out of the ground. “Get some fresh mangoes from kids selling on a table next to their house for one dollar each. Or pineapples. Or guava. Or mountain apples. Or avocados. So many fresh fruits are grown on the island, and the rest is imported on massive ships from California and around the world.” (“Is Hawaii the Best Place for Exercise and Healthy Living?”) When the people who live there do decide to eat the unhealthy food brought over on ships they have many options to choose from to work it off. “There are many beautiful parks to exercise in. Exercise like aerobics, yoga, tennis,and other sports are common… Bicycling and running are very common and the sidewalks are pretty good for running.” (“Is Hawaii the Best Place for Exercise and Healthy Living?”) There are many options for anyone looking to be more active and healthy all they have to do is walk outside. A Hawaii resident says,”Personally, I found the trail running and hiking to be the best part of exercising.”(“Is Hawaii the Best Place for Exercise and Healthy Living?”) Wouldn't it be great to to go on those tails and see the amazing views?
When living in Hawaii with everything being a low stress environment, would people expect their workplace to be crazy to have the balance in their life? Well employers want their workplace to be as little stress environment as possible. They also want health employees, this is why “employers launch workplace wellness programs,supply workout rooms, hold weight loss challenges,and supply on site massages.” (Loomis, 2015) With all the encouragement for healthy living in Hawaii, Hawaiians abstain for unhealthy habits such as smoking. “‘Hawaii has a nice low smoking level,’ Witters said. ‘Just 17 percent in the state are smokers…’”(Schumaker, 2015).

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