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"Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self knowledge" - Alice Walker (author, activist)

A boudoir session is so much more than sexy photos, it is an amazing treat for your partner but also is a GIFT to yourself. Through the ups and downs of life, the media telling us how we are supposed to look, feeling like the world is judging our every move and trying our best to "measure up" we often lose sight of ourselves.

All women are strong, beautiful and sexy. We were created that way. YOU were created that way. Isn't it time you discovered (or rediscovered) that woman inside of you? When you book a boudoir session with us we create a safe place for you to connect with your inner confidence and sexuality. You will walk away from your session knowing yourself, your strength and your beauty in ways you never did before.


We are so excited you are thinking about investing in yourself with a boudoir session. From booking your shoot to picking your product we are here for you every step of the way. Session planning begins with choosing your session date, once we find the date that works best for you and your retainer is paid the date is yours!

After booking your shoot date you will receive your contract and planning guide. This planning guide is full of info on what to wear and how to prepare. We will also send a session questionnaire that will help us learn more about you, your personal style, your unique body shape and of course your Starbucks order! This will help us plan your dream shoot with the perfect location and to suggest the perfect wardrobe pieces for YOU.

Shooting Day

The hardest part of your entire shoot is just knocking on the door. The butterflies will start fluttering, "Am I really about to do this?" is going to go through your mind all morning. But you will be ready. You will be fully prepared for your session before ever stepping in front of the camera. We will make sure of it!

When you arrive at the shoot location we have chosen for you we will greet you like old friends! Our hair and makeup artist will be all set up and ready for you and your Starbucks will be shining like a big beacon of comfort! (Bless you Starbucks!) We will lay out the wardrobe you brought and look through the studio closet to select the perfect looks for your shoot. We will then discuss hair and makeup looks that will best suit you and your style and the hair and makeup artist will get to work.

After about an hour of girl talk, laughs and story telling it will be time for what you have been waiting for! During your shoot I will guide your through every pose from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Including expression! I will show you each pose and break it all down step by step! You are not expected to pose yourself but we may throw a little freestyle in there once you start feeling yourself! (It happens every time!)

When we are done shooting we will pack up your wardrobe, schedule your viewing session and hug you goodbye for the next three weeks. You should definitely plan a night out for after your shoot because you will look and feel amazing!

Viewing Day

It's the day you have been waiting for! All the planning, all the posing, all the arching, all the secret keeping, today is the day you get to see your work pay off! Viewing Session day!

We will schedule your viewing for about about 3 weeks after your shoot. Make sure you wear waterproof mascara, we have been known to make people cry! This is the moment you will get to meet HER. That stunning woman we have known since the first time we met. You will see yourself in a new light and it will be amazing.

We will begin with a slideshow of your retouched images. (We choose only the best to show you!) After the tears and the yes, that is really you's we will go over all of our amazing heirloom quality photo products and select how you would like to display your images! In 2-4 weeks your products will arrive in studio for you to pick up and treasure for a lifetime.


Creation Fee

Our Creation fee is $495 and includes

  • * Session planning and wardrobe help
  • * A photoshoot location chosen and reserved just for YOU
  • * Professional hair and makeup by our very own beauty team
  • * Use of our Client Closet to supplement your wardrobe
  • * Your boudoir photoshoot with up to 4 wardrobe looks
  • * Professional editing and retouching of images
  • * Your in person viewing session

Fine Art Products

I have spent years putting together the perfect collection of products to best display your boudoir photos. I use only professional photographic labs with the highest quality products from all over the world when producing your products! We truly have something for everyone in style and price! Product can be purchased in collections or individually (a la carte).

Two Ways To Buy!

Fine Art Collections

Our most oftenly purchased products conveniently bundled and discounted into pre-made collections

  • Collection 1: $2000 ( $3000 value) - Includes 40 image boutique album collection with matching low rez files, custom gallery app for sharing, 16x24 wall art and 20% off additional purchase.
  • Collection 2: $1550 ($2100 value) - Includes 30 image boutique album collection, matching website files, custom gallery app for sharing, 15% off additional product purchase
  • Collection 3: $1300 ( $1550 value) - Includes 25 Image boutique album collection, Matching low res files and 10% off additional product purchase

Collection add ons in Include - Custom View Master ($350), Little Black Books ($550 Perfect for deployment), 16x24 wall art ($375), 20x30 wall art ($575)

The Black Label Collection - $3200

For the woman who knows her true worth and wants to display it! We have put together our favorite collection with our top of the line, heirloom quality products. Each Black Label Collection includes:

  • Our gorgeous 10x14 Album Collection with Acrylic Cover
  • High Resolution Digital Gallery
  • Custom Gallery App for sharing
  • A gorgeous image box of you choice with your complete printed gallery
  • 20"x 30" Wall art (Metal or Canvas)
  • 30% Off Additional product purchase
  • A complimentary second session to use towards boudoir, portraits or business head shots


A La Carte Product Menu

Our fine art products and digital collections may be purchased individually and begin at $995

  • Glass Heirloom Image box filled with your entire gallery of fine art prints - $1800
  • Hand Carved, Hand Stained wooden image box with full print gallery $1850
  • Hand Carved, Hand Stained wooden image box or glass box with 15 matted prints - $995
  • 8x8 Lux Boutique Album with 20 - 60 images $995 - $2500
  • High Rez Digital Files of your entire gallery - $2500

Budget should never be a reason not to have it all! We offer 0% interest payment plans on all product purchases. We also accept Paypal credit for all creation fees and product purchases.

Ready to book your experience? Email us today to set your date!


For more information, behind the scenes fun, most current work and to interact with the team and past and present clients join our private Facebook group!

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