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By Frances Beedon | September 24th, 2019

As school has recently started, I think I can speak for everyone when I say it definitely feels like summer has come to an end. As sad as that is, the passing of summer means that our Michigan fall has officially entered the picture. Having Ann Arbor and its outskirts as our local stomping grounds, there are so many fun opportunities to explore in the fall. I did some research and discovered some fun activities and places to explore, in and around our home city.

If you crave those cakey fall doughnuts, Dexter Cider Mill is the place for you. Sitting along the Huron River, this quaint spot offers freshly baked doughnuts, wood pressed apple cider, caramel apples, and more. It is the oldest cider mill in Michigan, and not a far trek from anywhere in Ann Arbor. Get your fall on and grab an afternoon snack at Dexter Cider Mill.

Wiard’s Orchards and County Fair has all the fall festivities you can imagine- apple and pumpkin picking, a corn maze, haunted houses, and more scary attractions. Wiards is about a 20 minute ride from central Ann Arbor, and a perfect place to go have a spooky and fun-filled night with a group of friends!

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up at your favorite coffee shop, get some work done, and indulge in a signature fall drink. Most coffee shops in Ann Arbor will have limited edition drinks for the fall - go check them out before they’re all gone! One of my fellow journalists, Sam Brown, recently wrote an article covering the best coffee shops in Ann Arbor, so go take a look at her article to see where to go!

Looking to spend some quality time with family? Fall has the perfect weather to do so. Autumn brings beauty in the Arboretum and Gallup Park, both perfect places to go for a stroll with your family or friends. Don’t want to leave home? Take a rake to your front yard and create a massive pile to jump in. Looking for something a little more creative? Grab a pumpkin at your local grocery store or pumpkin patch, and have a friendly carving competition.

If you are looking to take in Michigan's beautiful fall scenery, taking a drive on Huron River Drive is perfect for you. Lined with endless color-changing trees, the long winding road stretches from Dexter to Ann Arbor. If you’re an ambitious and athletic person, biking a part of the scenic drive would be a great activity during the fall. Just remember to dress for the weather!

Lastly, probably the most important part of the fall is Michigan Football. Fall brings many good things, but the best is the tailgate: spirited and fun filled games that are necessary for anyone in the area to have on their bucket list. You can buy tickets for these games online, but there are usually people with extra tickets walking around outside the stadium on gameday. Make sure to prepare yourself for all of the die hard fans, and never, ever wear green or red to a game.

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