The Anna Garcia death case

I'm here to tell you about the recent crime of Anna Garcia's death. to figure out what really happen to Anna Garcia I had to conduct some experiments. I had to go to the crime scene to see what i was dealing with and from my Intel and evidence she had an "accidental" death.

To find out what happened to Anna Garcia i had to measure the height the blood drops fell from, it fell from the table height. Next i had to find out if she had any drugs in her system she might have died from, she only used aspirin. The the finger print at the crime scene belonged to Anna's ex-husband Alex Garcia. There were no weapons at the crime scene and the evidence proves that the death of Anna was accidental.

In the case of Anna Garcia, the cause of death is accidental because no one was there at the time of the crime scene, there were no drugs in her system, the blood was her's, and there were no sighs of struggle. The way she died is she took a aspirin pill with wine and tripped and hit her head on the corner of the table in the crime scene


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