Welcoming November A month that doesn't deserve it's reputation

Maybe we should consider November the middle child of the year

....no longer Fall, not quite Christmas. It doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.

But there's a stark beauty to the landscape of November.

Before the Okanagan gets drenched in Winter's lingering snow, and just after the first heavy frosts have started hitting the ground, it's mitts and hats kind of weather, a bring out the boots, and down jacket time of year...

Shiny scarlet rose hips, and blue with the chill elderberries still hang brightly on leafless branches...and there's a chill wind skittering down the country roads trying to get under your jacket.....

Crystalized seedpods and hoar frosted fences will show up soon, along with frozen puddles that sit stiffly under sparkling fallen foliage coated in sharp spears of white frost.

But for now it's clouds and gloomy days made brighter by brief glimpses of the late day sun escaping captivity among the clouds.

November has perfected the desaturated look, featuring colorless landscapes, but it also does texture so very well.

With bare branches showing up like skeletons against the fog coated mountain, shorn of the jewel toned leaves tree bark glows.

Maybe we shouldn't be to harsh on November...after all, it's doing the best it can, with what it's given.

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