Why would anyone get married? Secula reasons to get married

Statistics show it is safer.

1994 Justice Department report from the National Crime Victimization Survey

  • Single/ divorced women have a 4-5 x chance of being a violence victim than wives
  • Bachelors are 4x as licking to be victim of violence than husbands
"Even after controlling for education, race, age, and gender, people who live together are still three times more likely to say their arguments got physical (such as kicking, hitting, or shoving) in the past year than married couples." -Linda Waite

Money money money

Married men make 40% more than comparable single men in the same job field

Childless white wives make 4% more than single white women

Childless black wives make 10% more than single black women

married people are less likely to report "economic hardship" or trouble paying basic bills

Cancer :(

Single people are 17% more likely to get diagnosed with metastatic cancers

Married women are 53% more likely to get the best treatment

"Patients who were married tended to live 20 per cent longer than those who were [single, divorced, or widowed],”. -Paul Nguyen

Heart heart heart attack

Marriage can increase chances of serving a heart attack

Single people are 14% more likely to die of heart attack than married people

Less mental health issues

Marriage reduces depression because social isolation increases depression














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