Photography Opportunities

Becoming a Revolution Now Photographer

Revolution Now is always looking for talented and unique photographers to add an artistic angle to our stories! Photographers who we select to work for us will get an official staff bio and recognition for every photo of theirs that we publish. We cannot offer a salary, but the publication and visibility of your work is a tremendous bonus! We are looking for photographers that strive to capture the political and social climate of America.

So what does becoming a Revolution Now photographer entail? When we have an article that needs a photo to go with it, we will send a message out to all our staff photographers describing the type of photo needed. Then, based on availability, we will choose photographers to get that photo for us. The photographs we ask for can be vague or specific, but don't hesitate to add your own creative twist! Additionally, we may also call on photographers to cover events in their areas.

To apply to become a Revolution Now photographer, click the button below. Title your email Photographer and your name. Then, write a few sentences about yourself and why you'd be a good fit for Revolution Now. Include at least 3 samples of your work and your credentials, if you have any. Photographers must be 13-17 years old.

Send in a Photograph

If you took a photo that you think would suite Revolution Now well, send it in! We are always looking for authentic photographs to decorate our website with. You will also receive recognition for your work and get your photograph published!


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