Sled Pull by Christopher Hetterich

In this project, we try to see how much weight the robot can pool. We are aloud to customize the robots however we want to complete the task.

The first prototype I made, I just had my block hooked up with my 2 motors on each side, and a big wheel in the front, and a smaller wheel close behind, hooked onto the same motor via gears. I also included a bar where the hook of the sled can attach to. I put a wheelie bar on the back so it will help the robot resist having the front end of it rise up.

1st robot

I made some better improvements to my robot by making the wheel in the back bigger. I can now take my wheelie bar off the back because it is unnecessary. There is a new problem, and that is that my gears are starting to grind. A nice feature that my robot has, is that the bottom section easily folds away, allowing easy access to modifying it.

My Robot after the first set of changes

For my next set of changes to the robot, I took off the wheelie bar since it wasn't necessary, and modified some of the gear by putting a stopper on the end of it so it is unable to come off. I also moved the bar where the sled attaches up one unit so the robot is less likely to fall back. I also moved the round ball to the front in case it falls forward.

My Robot after the second set of changes

Now I am noticing that my robot needs more weight on it so the tires don't just spin without making the robot move. I added the spare tires around the robot for extra weight. With the tires on the back, it makes it easier to move my robot forward and backwards just my lifting the front up the rolling it.

My Robot after the third set of changes

For my next change, I will put bars on each side of the gears so my axis won't bend as much. After I made the changes, I noticed it did nothing but make the axis bending worse because the bar didn't attach to the body of the robot so it is useless. I still am noticing that more weight would help but I ram out of time.

My Robot after the fourth set of changes

My Pseudocode - motors on and move forward nonstop

My Flowchart
My Program

For the sled pull, I was able to pull 3 books. I was very close to 4, but I was only able to pull 3. I am not very happy with this outcome because my goal was a total of 5 books but I was unable to achieve it.

What I Learned

I learned that you want to attach the dead weight that you are pulling in front of the wheels that are connected to the motor, the robot does not pop a wheelie.

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