Laura's Stock Project Ms. SIMoes

Stage 1 -- Research

Research on the Stock Project

The stock market is a place for people to invest in companies while also making a profit, depending on the success rate. The difference between a stock and a share is very small. A stock is a share in the ownership of the company, a stock represents a claim on part of the company's earnings, if you have stock you can be referring to one or multiple companies. And a share is a participation in the company's capital. If you buy a share of a company you are buying a part of the company. If you own shares you own shares in a specific company not multiple. Another vocabulary word you must know to know more about the stock market is a dividend. A dividend is a small fee, which can only be payed if the company is successful. Some investors buy stocks for the dividend payment. When you buy a part of a company, you own part of it. A dividend is a part of the company's profit. When the company is successful the company shares the dividend with the Investors.

There are multiple stock markets around the world, some are bigger than others some of the biggest stock markets in the world are the New York stock exchange, the Japan Exchange group in Tokyo, and the London stock exchange group. When you are on the stock market you can find companies by their ticker symbol. A ticker symbol is an abbreviation of your /a company's name that is published on the stock market as a reverence. You can make money on the stock market by a mutual fund which is a collection of money where different people invest in because they think they will get money in return. You can give money to an investor which will invest your money into a mutual fund. But you don't get to choose with company you invest in or how much you invest in each company. The companies and good on the market connect to supply and demand. A supply is what is available on the market. And a demand is what consumers desire in terms of goods and service.The supply and demand can affect the stock market because if the demand for a good decreases, then the value of the stocks decrease because less people want to buy the product.Lastly there are pros and cons for investing on the stock market some cons of are when scandals or freud happends suddenly; example; volkswagen diesel scandal. Because there was freud in the company less people want to buy the product which means the stocks will decrease. But a pro is that if your company or companies that you are investing in makes a lot of profit you get more money than when you started with.

Stage 2 -- Initial Investments

Stage 3 -- Re-evaluation & Updates

Mid- Stage Reflection

Most of my companies in my profile are doing worse than when I bought them but two of my stocks are positive, one of them is Google which is at +49.73 dollars and Teck Resources Limited at +0.9 dollars. All my other stocks are negative like, Starbucks which is at -1.13$, Facebook which is at -0.5%, Procter and Gamble at -2.55$, Amazon at -21.78$, Makemytrip Limited at -1.9$, and Ritter Pharmac. Com, at -0.07$. I have sold Amazon, Procter and Gamble, and Makemytrip Limited this is because they were going to decrease and I would like to sell them before they decrease by more. I would like to change how many stocks I have so I can control them easier,and sell when they are high and buy when the stock is low.

Stage 4 -- Final Results

For the stock project I invested in multiple companies, my best companies in my portfolio are Teck Resources Limited (TCK) and Starbucks (SBUX). My worst companies I invested in were Facebook and Netflix. This was because of the recent event that happened to facebook where it decreased in a short amount of time, because of the false advertisement on the website. Other causes for all companies to be down are because of the presidential elections. For Netflix the stocks went down because less people were subscribing or creating an account, also not many new movies and series were added over the course of the three months and when they did the stock price increased.

If I were to redo this stock project I would follow my stocks as they go, so I know when to sell them or when to buy stocks. In the beginning of the project I would sell my stocks when they turned negative instead of waiting to sell them when they are high. I would have still invested in most of the companies I invested in but sell them sooner. I would have liked to invest more on Teck Resources Limited as it has always been positive. I would continue to invest in less popular stocks and buy small companies before they become popular. I have learned about how unpredictable the stock market can be. You can’t tell the future so it is quite risky to invest your money in the market. I also know when to sell or buy stocks so you can make a profiGreat math stock project! :)


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