6) Practicing photography rules More editing photos

I have been practicing the rules of photography and have looked back through some older photos to fuse I have been practicing some of these rules all along. Here are some older shots from a few months before our wedding at the Janesville Botanical Gardens. Maybe late August or September. We considered it as an engagement photo shoot.

Below is a variety of pictures from that day. It was hard to only choose a few favorites. These are a few of the non-favorites.

I loved framing the ducks in the tree branches hanging down.

Ducks framed in the tree
Fountain framed by trees
Rule of thirds
Rule of thirds
Rule of thirds
Rule of thirds
Charming Church in Elkhorn

The above selections did not follow the photo rules. I was just grabbing some memories. A few of the later, favorite picks were following the rules that I learned about years after this trip, but feel like I already knew them.

These following photos are some of my favorites from that beautiful day there. I feel so blessed that we had a perfect day after a stretch of icky, gloomy, rainy days. There were even a few wet and muddy paths that we had to avoid.

I found this statue already framed.

Framed statue

I stopped to frame this tree as I was walking along the paths.

Framed tree

I think this follows the lines and thirds rule. The lines lead your eye on different paths towards different objects. I enjoy that each thirds of the photo has different heights and subjects. I loved that they were setting up in late fall for the soon starting, back in 2015, annual Christmas Lights Display. It was so beautiful that day!

I love the twisted, different lines and rules of thirds

This one had some beautiful, interesting lines that leads your eyes on a unique path.

Love these lines

An extra shot showing that behind the trees the bridge leads to the hidden way to the bridge.

Love the lines in this photo

I think this picture has great framing too. Along with the thirds rule. Different trees on each side give it a different feeling and texture on each side. The sun gives the view such beauty and glow.

Framing the fountain
Framing the fountain and adding the sun

I framed this beautiful rainbow with the fence on the bottom and the hanging Christmas lights. I think it's so pretty.

Framing the fountain with the hanging lights

This photo shows one of the awesome, unique, framing shots I captured. It's one of my favorite photos and I took it years ago!

Framing the rainbow

We also learned about editing photos with an app. I now have Avairy on my tablet and have been playing and editing some older pictures. I did also try a few other apps, two ended up being nearly identical and I deleted most of the apps already.

I edited this photo of my husband on his graduation day with my friend and I for my Futuremaker video, which is why I blurred her out. No worries for getting her permission.

I then kept editing and ended up with this, which I used in my video.

I edited one collage in which i included a few of my favorite photos of the husband and myself.

Then I edited a favorite photo of us from our wedding day. Here is the original, with the edited following.

I have learned that with some photos I am having WAY too much fun playing with them and trying out different things.

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