Cystic Fibrosis By. johnny vo

Cystic Fibrosis short for CF, is a life threatening disease. Can't be cured, but can be treated.

Cystic Fibrosis is found in chromosome 7. A person with CF ether produces abnormal CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator) or they don't produce at all. CFTR is a mutation in the gene that produces proteins. Since a person with CF has abnormal or no none CFTR production they have thick and sticky mucus. Normal people have thin and watery mucus which is good.

People get CF, because of their parents. If both of your parents are CF carriers when their is a 25% of you getting it. If only one parent is a carrier then you won't get CF, but if both then there is a possibility. Let me give you a real life example, both of my parents are carries and I got CF ,but my brother did not get CF. so a child with CF can have a son or daughter with CF if your partner is a carrier.

The sweat test is how you are diagnose if you have CF or not. The sweat test is were your sweat is tested and if your sweat is greater then 60 mmoI/L then you are diagnosed with CF, but if it is a 40 mmoI/L then that is normal. If it is between 40-60 you are border line. This testing is done for every child and can be done for any age, there is also a blood test, but the sweat test is a better way to diagnose people.

There are more then 1,700 different CF mutations ,the most come one is Delta508. All these different mutation can effect what is wrong with you. Like you lung and digestive system are the main problems that people with CF have to deal with, because of this you have to take a lot of med's and therapy everyday for the rest of your like. I have to take about maybe more then 30 or 40 med's a day, to keep me alive and therapy two times a day for about an hour in the morning and at night. I have to take a breathing treatment, which give me medication to inhale and I have t take a vest which vibrates my chest / lungs to loosen up the mucus so I can spit it out.

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