S.L.A.P. Student Loan Awareness Plan

Comparing Costs

Activity 1: Find tuition costs of three colleges.

Things to think about: Determine how much you really need over the course of your degree. Consider cost of living or room and board, travel supplies, materials and fees, and health insurance. Are you able to pay toward your loans while attending college? Are you considering work-study or becoming an RA? Can you work part-time?

Knowing your options: Loan Types

Activity 2: Write down three differences between Federal and Private loans.

Activity 3: Find the current interests rates for Direct Subsidized loans, Direct Unsubsidized loans, and Direct PLUS loans.

The importance of knowing your intended field and starting salary

Activity 4: Think of two future careers and note their starting salaries

Managing your debt/Repayment Plans

How are you going to grow your money?
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