My Mental Health Throughout the Pandemic by juliana flores

As we all know, the past couple of months have taken a toll on everyone in America. From social injustice to our worldwide pandemic. It has been hard to find things to keep myself busy and keep my happiness intact. Quarantine was not exactly the most ideal time for my mental health; I found myself constantly feeling lonely and not connected with the world, as everyone else. Specifically, in my situation, I had to move from my grandmother’s home to a new apartment with just my mother and me, since we did not want to expose her to any germs. This took a complete toll on my mental health and well being. I sometimes found myself just scrolling on social media for hours and not feeling complete. Soon, I found new hobbies to make me feel more secure at home rather than lonely and quite sad. From art to baking.

The beach was not exactly the safest place to be, but it is so calming and peaceful. I started going every other week when I felt overwhelmed and stressed for whatever reason.
Reading has always been an escape for me from my fears and worries. Here are some of the books I enjoyed these past 5 months.
Quarantine was not exactly the ideal time for my friends and I. We were all experiencing some rough bumps in the road prior to quarantine. Each of us self isolated ourselves and finally took the leap to hang out with each other after 4 months.
My grandmother has always been persistent about showing me some of the activities she enjoyed doing with her mother. That being said, she taught me how to embroider, and ever since then, I have focused so much on it and it is sort of an escape of reality for me.
I was not exactly into baking a couple of months ago, but I started doing it to relieve some stress I always had built up. It became a weekly routine between my mom and me; we always tend to bake cakes.
My dog, Rocky, has become the biggest stress reliever in my life. He is such and curious and well-spirited dog. We adopted him at the beginning of quarantine and he instantly became so loving towards me.