App development Fernando Benítez A01570241

5 Apps I use the most

  • Apple Music
  • Clash Royale
  • WhatsApp
  • Youtube
  • Uber

Lesson 2

App Journal:An app I would like to develop is one for storing and reminding gym routines to make it easier, like a full trainer that counts time, reps, and stuff like that to make gym more enjoyable and easier

Lesson 3

App Journal: The apps I selected are for most audiences but some apps like Uber and WhatsApp are more for 12+ audiences which may need them more rather than kids

Lesson 4

App Journal: From the apps I selected, the most easy to use are WhatsApp and Apple Music, this apps have a easy UI and a basic concept which makes it a daily app

Lesson 5

App Journal: My idea off app would stand out from others because of the fact that it is personal rather than the same stuff for all persons which makes it more fun and enjoyable

Lesson 7 Bot: App Journal: The accelerometer would definitely figure out if a person is falling but it is not an important feature unless it tells others you have fallen and you are injured

Lesson 9

App Journal: The most similar app I could find on the App Store is "Fitness Point" this app has many routines and stuff but it seems more of a robot talking to you instead of a more friendly UI which could improve on this

Lesson 10

App Journal: The most important things in my app would be the comprehension of the app, the accessibility for all people and the stability for most devices.

Lesson 11

App Journal:Pokemon Go is an app that I found to be interesting in the first few seconds, it talks about the many features it has(although some are fake) and it tries to engage you in the action

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