Chapter 15: Hinduism By: JAYLEN, AND BENJAMIN

Hinduism is the oldest still relevant religion in India. There was not a person who founded the Hinduism religion, it was developed by many people over time. The early Hindu religion is called vedism. The vedism religion is a collection of sacred text that is called Sanskrit. Vedism began to be called Brahmanism because of their ability to preform perfect rituals.

Brahman is a divine force more powerful than the deities, that maintains order, creating, destroying, and re-creating the universe. This process is infinite and encompasses everything in the universe, as Brahman is the embodiment of the universe.

Hindus believe that deities are different faces of Brahman. They also believe that that each face represented different aspects of Brahman. The most powerful deity was Indra. Indra was the deity of thunder, and people described him going across the sky with lightning bolts as weapons and riding blazing gold chariot or a full white elephant. The deities of Hindu religion control all the aspects of Hindu life

Dharma is the Hindu belief to follow ones law obligation and duty. Dharma is to act according to ones soul and live how they are supposed to. Dharma consist of ones social class, the foods that they eat, and the respect of others souls.

Karma is the Hindu belief that when a soul is reborn, the good and bad from their previous lives are accounted to determine the social class. This is why a person could not live outside the social class they were born into. Karma demonstrates the importance of acting with a persons Dharma.

The Hindu belief of Samsara is the cycle of reincarnation, life, death, and rebirth. Samsara discontinues when the soul no longer continues this cycle, and is reunited with the Brahman. The dharma and karma are very large factors of this cycle, determining the next life the soul is reborn as. Samsara is the overpowering process for the soul, and is controlled by Brahman.

These five Hindu beliefs helped shape the Hindu religion. These beliefs of Hinduism, Brahman, deities, dharma, and karma impacted the live's of the Hindu people.


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