RocketBook Can rocketbook be a useful tool for kids in high school to replace notebooks.


My genius hour project is on the rocket book. This new revolutionary notebook that could help kids in high school not only save money but also give teachers a revolutionary tool to teach with. So you might be asking "what is rocket book". Well rocket book is a notebook made by well the people at rocket book. They call this the future of the notebook. Which I can totally agree with in the way it is used.

How rocketbook is used

Rocketbook is the first notebook to be fully reusable. You might be asking how this is possible. Well the way rocketbook is designed makes the whole book erasable very easily. Lets say you used it for a first semester math class. Once the class ends you don't need the notes anymore, now most of the time people go out and pay money for another notebook. But if you have rocketbook you will no longer have to do this. Here are the steps needed to erase the stuff from your book and have a brand new one for whatever new class you want.

Very simple steps just follow along and be cautious.

Cost of the Rocketbook

Okay now that you know how to use the rocketbook and you know what it can be used for lets explain how we would get these for the students of Revere High School. So they offer a 3 pack of the rocketbook wave. Those cost 72 dollars per 3 pack. So roughly doing the math this would cost around 43,000 thousand dollars. Now this seems like a good amount of money but since we are a school we might be able to get a discount. They have a page that states order in bulk and save. I was not able to get a response but that might be because i am a student but if administration was to write them we could probably get a response and answer to the question.

Benefits of having rocketbook

There will be many benefits to having rocketbooks in RHS. The biggest reason i think is to help kids save money from buying notebooks for so many classes at RHS. A lot of kids might not have the 10-20 dollars to dish out in notebooks. The rocketbook though would allow them to not worry about that anymore. Another thing it could help is in the math classes for students. They would be able to do the work by hand and submit it easily. Then the teacher can look at it and provide feedback on the answers. Also you are able to erase the writing with the included pen if you get something wrong.

Review on the rocketbook

Well first off if you have any questions about rocketbook they have a full FAQ here to help with all your questions. Rocketbook has also been featured on big time newspapers and magazines like Fast Company, GizModo, USA Today, and The Boston Globe. This here shows the credibility they have and that this is no joke. On a review from the site PCMag the rocketbook got a 4/5 rating and as every product had it's pros and cons but the price point is what made it stand out over the others. Pros are "Inexpensive. Easy to set up and use. Reusable pages." well the cons are "No editing tools. Detail isn't as crisp as competitors." But compared to the competitors who books range from 100-200 dollars for one single notebook, this is just another pro to add into the conversation.

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