Top 10 Books to Read With limited social outings, here are some books to keep your boredom at bay!

The Stationary Shop

by Marjan Kamali

Romance, Historical Fiction, and Domestic Fiction

Roya is a teenager living in 1953 Tehran. Due to the political tension in that time, she finds safety and happiness in her neighborhood book and stationary shop that is run by Mr. Fakhri. He then introduces her to another favorite customer of his, Bahman, who she falls in love with instantly. Their love for each other grows in that little stationery shop, but things go downhill the day of their marriage where a coup d’etat occurs and violence erupts. Roya loses sight of Bahman in the chaos, leaving her to believe that she will never find him again.

Paper Towns

by John Green

Novel, Young Adult Fiction, Bildungsroman, and Mystery

Quintin, a shy and awkward teenage boy has the night of his life when his childhood crush, Margo, recruits him to help her do nine mischievous pranks on people who had just betrayed her. The following day however, Margo disappears and is nowhere to be found. Quintin and his friends have to embark on an adventure to solve a series of clues in order to figure out the mystery of her disappearance.

One of Us Is Lying

by Karen M. McManus

Young Adult Fiction, and Mystery

The book follows the story of Browyn, Addy, Nate, and Cooper who are suspects of the murder of Simon Kelleher. Each of the highschool students have their own secrets they want to protect and their own lies that are being told. The book explores the dark world that high school can be and the dangers of gossip.


by Laurie Halse Anderson

Young Adult, Realism, and Coming of Age

Melinda Sordino is a fourteen-year old who was a victim of sexual assault in a party she went to her summer going into high school. The book takes you through Melinda’s first year of high school and her struggle to fit in and gain confidence while also carrying the darkness of her past by herself.

Little Women

by Louisa May Alcott

Novel, Fiction, Comedy, Bildungsroman, and Children's Literature

Little Women was published in 1869. It follows the lives of four sisters - Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy. These girls live in a quiet Massachusetts town with their mother Marmee while their father fights in the American Civil war. With their own unique personalities, they each grow up and learn to find love and their place in the world in their own ways.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians

by Rick Riordan

Greek Mythology, Novel, Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, and High fantasy

Percy Jackson, a troublesome boy, learns that he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon. Percy then needs to learn how to control his powers and sets off into an adventure to create peace and stop the Olympians from placing a terrible war on Earth. Along with that, he has to save his mother from the god of the underworld, Hades.

The Princess Bride

by William Goldman

Romance, Fantasy Fiction, and Adventure Fiction

This book is a fairy tale adventure about a young woman named Buttercup who lives on a farm with her parents and her true love Westley, their farm boy. He is then separated from her, but later returns and the two have to embark on a long adventure through the mythical kingdom of Florin in order to be reunited.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by Stephen Chbosky

Novel, Young Adult Fiction, Epistolary Novel, and Bildungsroman

Charlie is a socially awkward teen who is entering his freshman year of high school. He thinks his school life is going to be boring and that he will be no other but your average side character. This then changes when two energetic students, Sam and her step-brother Patrick, enter his life. They teach him about friendship, love and music while Charlie struggles with personal sadness.

The Book Thief

by Markus Zusak

Novel, Young Adult Fiction, and Historical Fiction

The year is 1938 and a young orphan named Liesel arrives at the home of her new foster parents Hans and Rosa. Noticing that she is illiterate, Hans teaches Liesel how to read and she begins to have a love for books. Their home life becomes dangerous when they secretly shelter a Jewish boy whose father saved Hans' life before.

The City of Bones

by Cassandra Clare

Novel, Young Adult Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, and Adventure Fiction

Tennager Clary Fray lives in New York City and learns that she is a descendant of Shadowhunters who are half-angel warriors that protect humanity from evil forces. Her mother disappears and Clary has no choice but to join a group of Shadowhunters and enter the Downworld to find and protect an ancient cup that holds the key to her mother's future.

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