Age of Exploration Juan Cardenas

Native American Slavery

Cause: Many Native American tribes practiced some form of slavery before the European introduction of African slavery into North America.

Effect: :They came from other Native American tribes and were casualties of war.

Cause: Native American groups often enslaved war captives whom they primarily used for small-scale labor.

Effect: In many cases, new tribes adopted captives to replace warriors killed during a raid.

Cause: Some Native Americans would cut off one foot of captives to keep them from running away.

Effect: Others allowed enslaved male captives to marry the widows of slain husbands.

Europeans Exploration

Cause: European desire for new trade routes.

Effect: Knowledge grows about other religious.

Cause: Growing power and wealth of European Nations.

Effect: Rivalry's in America grew by a lot.

Cause: Missionaries desire to convert others to Christianity.

Effect: Europeans and Native Americans clashed.

Christopher Columbus

Cause: Columbus told the king of Spain he knew a shortcut to the spice land

Effect: Spain agrees to finance Columbus Voyage.

Cause: Columbus lands in Bahamas on Oct. 12, 1492

Effect: Columbus continued to explore the Caribbean.

Cause: He believed he was in the (East) Indians.

Effect: Died never acknowledge that he discovered a new world named America.

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