"Between Lines", the new album of Seuil Optique, is now available at Snow in Water Records!

In this new opus, Seuil Optique continues its research begun during the recording of the album "Les Habitants", between electronic improvisations and ethereal minimalism. These pieces are so many kaleidoscopic images that make us travel from one space to another. Taking a radical purity as their argument, Between Lines is thus announced as a long glissando which transforms each of these eleven sound microscopies into as many free, improvised and dreamlike dialogues.

Seuil Optique, duo of Sig Valax and Nicolas Tourney, offers a unique experience of listening to music in the dark. Immersing the stage and the public in constant darkness, Seuil Optique creates soundscapes where electronic transmissions, acousmatic landscapes and refined drones intersect. By jostling the boundaries between listening, blind manipulation of machines and immersive experience offered to the audience, the two musicians explore new soundtracks, in permanent dialogue with hybrid musicalities and the practice of singular instruments: persephone, field recording, electro-acoustic devices, matrices and samples.

Seuil Optique builds frescoes where electronic impulses, slow gestures and acoustic responses intersect.

The duo play with conventions, ranging from radical darkness to the experience of pure light. On stage, they use deliberately “open” improvisation strategies and defeat the boundaries between manipulating machines in the dark, harmonics tinged with noise-producing materials and the “eyes closed” hearing experience offered to the public.

Seuil Optique’s work focuses on the practice of electronic improvisation. The total darkness aims to be a place of recognition of gesture as a creative act. No preparation beforehand, no benchmark, no intro or climax, only the interaction between two ways of producing spectral imprints. In this sound dialogue, electronics are the vector of total sincerity: the inhabitants target the listener, bringing them to live the experience of the moment that guides the “non-idiomatic” music of Seuil Optique, in which each sound, each transmitted waveform is dedicated to the inhabitants of the present.

"Oaks", their fourth album, tells the story of an eyeless camera, of a journey beyond the screen. An ephemeral present filled with the memory of this interior film that everyone projects on their eyelids in the evening, sublimating at night into an Absolute composed of expectations.

Treatise: Exchange is a preamble to the interpretation of "Treatise", the monumental work of Cornelius Cardew. A dialogic work, eyes closed in search of timbres, eyes open in front of the score that the fingers scroll. An ethic of the improvised, a sound testimony which makes electronics an open and infinite field of possibilities. The machines which hammer their unknown syllabary are heard there, and speak of a depth where the sign makes sense. To listen: instruments in dialogue, which make resonance a principle and a promise. Seuil Optique brings out this foretaste of an upcoming interpretation, like an expectation inhabited by sound.


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