Why does China Censor the Websites it Does? DAlton Deneen

China, in the past and present, has heavily censored the internet for it's users. In this presentation, I will be looking into which websites China has censored, and why.

China clearly has a problem with censorship. Over the past few years, China has been more and more harsh about censoring things, specifically news articles. Recently, China has removed the New York Times app from the app store, which sometimes can present information harmful to the Chinese Communist Party. This has happened with quite a few social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The problem China has with these sites is the fact that anyone can post/say anything, even if it’s harmful to the government. It would be easier to just ban the sites altogether. Recently, China has been shutting down VPN providers. VPN, or Virtual Private Networks, allow someone to use the internet without anyone being able to track them, or being able to know who they are, an obvious threat to the Government. Of course, using a VPN is illegal.

I feel the these censorships are remnants of Legalist values. Legalism revolves around harsh punishments and fear for the people being governed. The government has attempted to heavily monitor the actions of people, as well as hide what they are doing to select people who criticize them. The censorships are basically a barrier between the people and the government.

My biggest question now is: "How do the citzens feel about this?"


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