UNETHICAL TOURISM Mis-usage of animals

Across the globe, the industry of tourism is an ever-growing business, that for some societies is the most important income for the people living there.

Sometimes this can cause an issue when it comes to whether or not the business is an ethical one, and that can cause the lives of animals to be put at risk.

In a city in eastern europe, counting almost 31 milion guest nights in 2018, we find ourselves in a small cafe like "no other".
Advertising itself as the "1st in Europe" the café offers up a selection of 20 species, with 65 different animals.
All of whom, you can pet, hold and get to know, all while having a sip of coffee or a nip of cake.

While this all sounds lovely, the reality is much more grim than what it seems on the shops website.

Animals in small cages and glass boxes, all with a varying correctness in humidity and temperature

Reptiles and rodents being picked up with one hand, while picking up dirty cups and plates with the other. Then quickly dropped in the hands of an untrained and eagerly waiting stranger

Cats being hushed away and kicked when they are in the way of the waiters

All sorts of species mixed together with animals they dont necessarily coexist with in their natural habitat.

Dirty glass and unclean cages, all out in the open to be seen by tourists, while blasting music from the café's stereo.

Most of these animals are in a constant rotation between different customers, and it seemed like the only ones able to rest away from customers were the cats, all roaming around the place, most of whom were scared of contact with people.
The birds of the house where mostly caged up in a corner of one of the rooms, constantly flying back and forth from the three branches they had.

This treatment of animals can in many ways be seen as unethical and in more modern western countries, busisneses like these would be prohibited from existing due to regulations on animal welfare.

The trend looks to have started in estern-Asia around China and Japan, where it has long been popular to visit so called cat and dog cafés.

And it only seems to be increasing....
Created By
Iver Daaland Åse


Text, photo and research is done by Iver Daaland Åse in Budapest, March 2019 The name of the business mentioned in the article has been anonymized for privacy and legal reasons

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