36 hours in Seattle By: will sprague


Seattle the one city that might be more beautiful and filled than the state of Colorado. So let me show you
The First three hours you spend is at the Bellevue mall. This mall is not only huge but is quiet the view. Its not like you're typical mall it isn't one buliding it is connected across streets. To see and truley enjoy this mall expect to use all three of those hours.
The next longest but most intesting thing you will do is visit the fish market. This will take you about 4 hours. The traffic and walk to get here is about you're first hour but once you get down to the market they have ever type of food you can imagine. Also don't miss out on the people throwing fresh fish around. The fish market shows all cultures and also has a great view of the the beach.
After you have taken in the fish market you can spend you're last 6 hours by seeing the gum wall and take the ferry across the beach to the Baindbridge island where you will eat and finish you're day.
This is one of many views on this island not even including the ferry ride over. Once you've done more shopping and seen what you like you will stop and eat at the local and highly recommended Blackbird bakery.
Can't finish a perfect day without a final treat before you head back to you're hotel. Mora's iced creamery a 5 star ice cream restaurant is luckily on you're way back to the ferry.
With you're tiring day crash at Wyatt's 4 star hotel on Bulleve ave. This hotel has an indoor pool just in case you want to take a quick dip before you hit the sack for a nice 10 hour rest.
After waking up from a needed rest take you're first two hours of enjoying you're 4 star hotels breakfast. After breakfast finish getting ready and preparing for one more filled day.
Get ready because this last day is going to be filled with views and adventure starting with the 4 hour hike at Washington trails.
Once the sight seeing is over come to Seattle very own the golden olive. This place will take up to 3 hours being very popular in the area. Its food is rated by food network in the top 100 in the united states.
The last four hours you will unfortunately have to spend the day at the airport. to checkout and traffic on the way up is the same issue in every state to be safe get there early so you don't miss you're flight I hope you enjoyed you're 36 hours in Seattle.


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