Endocrine Project Presentation Adrenal Glands By: Juan'ya Gaskin

Adrenal Gland:

The adrenal glands are endocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones including adrenaline and the steroids aldosterone and cortisol. Each gland has it's own outer cortex. Adrenal glands are located right near the kidneys because they have strong influence over the kidneys in the secretion of aldosterone. The adrenal glands are what produce hormones throughout our body. Although they resemble mushrooms caps, they are extremely vital

Addison's disease:

Addison's disease is a disease that forces the adrenal glands to not be able to create cortisol. The body is unable to create hormones and attacks the cells and tissues. As a longtime result, the body damages the adrenal glands and ultimately the glands aren't working at all.

Treatment for Addison's disease requires lifelong hormone replacement treatment. Oral treatment such as hydrocortisone and mineralocorticoid are often referred to by many victims. Treatment for females is a much more than that of males. Females have the options of adrenal androgen or hemopoiesis to promote muscle mass and support sexual libido. It is suggested that victims of Addison's disease are monitored regularly for infection and scheduled for meals. Interesting enough Addison's disease can be hereditary and it can be fatal.

The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is actively studying common behaviors and patterns to understand better how to cure, treat, and possibly diagnose earlier on symptoms for Addison's disease

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